Riverside County is Up Their Neck with PERB Complaints

In case you missed it, the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has issued another round of complaints against Riverside County!

On the heels of our victory over the County’s petty lawsuit earlier this month, PERB has handed out 4 more complaints bringing up the running total of complaints to a jaw-dropping 15 (and counting). The complaints range from surveillance to harassment and restricting access rights.

 There’s no doubt that this ongoing contract fight is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in Riverside County with the countless number of ULP’s we’ve filed against the County. It’s important to keep in perspective that isn’t just about the County refusing to negotiate in good-faith and in effect impose an awful contract on us, it’s also about them busting our union.

What else can explain an anti-worker organization being given access to our worksites across the county?  We’ve got an open contract in Riverside and management is using this to their advantage to eradicate worker power in the County.

Against all odds, we have stood together and have resisted imposition and have given the County a fight for the ages. The County knows of our collective power as a union and that’s why we need to continue pushing back more than ever before.

Stay tuned for more breaking news.  Click here to see the County’s “last best” and final offer.