Anti-Worker Attack Prepares to Hit California

The Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision, which is expected to establish nation-wide Right to Work (for less) in the public sector, will likely arrive sometime before the end of June, and anti-worker forces like the Freedom Foundation are already preparing to do everything they can to strip public sector workers of their hard-won rights.

Freedom Foundation officials recently revealed parts of their plan to a sympathetic, anti-worker rag. It appears that our state of California is one their prime targets.

“We’re planning on implementing a full-scale opt-out outreach operation on the West Coast the day after we get the decision from the court,” Freedom Foundation Executive Vice President Brian Minnich said. “We are ready to hit the ground running with emails, targeted mail and canvassing door-to-door.”

“Then we are also going to camp outside state government buildings, as well, telling folks they have rights. We’ll do some commercials and social media,” Minnich added. “I mean it will be full-scale to tell these folks that they have rights.”

The “rights” that Minnich is so enthusiastic about are the “rights” to lose collective bargaining, lose workplace protection and lose good, union jobs. The reason that the billionaire backers of Right to Work (for less) are so keen to trick workers into signing away their rights is because they know that without strong unions, wealthy special interests can drive down wages, privatize public services and treat our local governments as their personal piggybanks.

There is no place for anti-worker scum in California, which is why we’ve been preparing SEIU 721 members to take the lead in the fight against them. It’s vitally important that each one of us takes personal ownership of our worksite and our coworkers. We can’t let anyone be fooled!

Below, you’ll find resources to help defend your turf. Please print them and add them to your union bulletin board!


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