LA County TA – forget the rumors, get the facts!

NOTE: The last update to this web page took place on Tues., Oct. 2 at 9 A.M.

Questions subsequently arose in the Comments section below – and you can read all the answers by clicking here.


Question #1: Is contract bargaining over?

Answer #1: No. We have reached agreement on Common Language and Fringe Benefit issues covering general salaries, health benefits and many other basic issues. In addition, most Bargaining Units have reached final agreement on all issues. But there are still some Bargaining Units that have not yet reached final agreement and they will continue to negotiate this week.

Question #2: How long will our contract bargaining agreement last?

Answer #2: It will last for three years – from October of 2018 through September of 2021.

Question #3: What are the terms of the contract?

Answer #3: General movement is a salary increase of 10.75% plus a one-time bonus of $1,000.

Question #4: Are there other salary increases?

Answer #4: Over 32,000 members – including the vast majority of our lowest-paid members – will receive a salary increase of at least 12.25% plus a one-time bonus of $1,000. Also, additional “inequity” salary increases for most classifications are scheduled at various dates (depending on classification).

Question #5: Is everyone receiving a salary increase?

Answer #5: Yes. In fact, the average increase is 11.7% and everyone will receive a one-time bonus of $1,000.

Question #6: What is the salary schedule for this increase?

Answer #6: The basic schedule of the salary increase – which pertains only to all permanent, full-time employees except for members of BU 311 and 312 since they are still bargaining – is as follows.

  • Oct. 1, 2018 = 2% salary increase (Pay will be retroactive to Oct 1st once majority of SEIU 721 members vote YES to Ratify Contract)
  • Oct. 1, 2018 =$1,000 one-time bonus (Bonus will be disbursed upon Contract Ratification)
  • Oct. 1, 2019 = 2.5% salary increase
  • Jan. 1, 2020 = 1% salary increase
  • Oct. 1, 2020 = 2.5% salary increase
  • Jan. 1, 2021 = 2.75% increase (Half Step)

Temporary and/or part-time employees will have a slightly different salary increase schedule. Your individual Bargaining Unit will have details.

Question #7: Is it true we lost our Flex Earnings?

Answer #7: NO. Do not believe the rumors! We did not lose our Flex Earnings. Flex Earnings have been adjusted. Flex Earnings will be capped at a maximum of $325 per month in 2020 and $244 per month in 2021. In fact, L.A. County will increase its Options healthcare contribution by 1.5% in 2019, 2% in 2020 and 2.5% in 2021. Most importantly: We secured a guarantee of fully-paid, single-party, two-party and family medical coverage and dental coverage – no matter what happens to healthcare premium costs over the next three years.

Question #8: Why did we accept a Flex Earnings cap?

Answer #8: In order to protect our Options Plan. The California Appeals Court recently ruled in the Flores v. City of San Gabriel case that healthcare plans which include what was deemed as excessive Flex Earnings are not legitimate plans. Because of this ruling, the City of San Gabriel’s healthcare plan – which included Flex Earnings – was completely disqualified. Similar lawsuits have already been filed against the County of Los Angeles. So we negotiated a Flex Earnings cap to protect the Options healthcare plan. But to protect our members, we also secured a guarantee of fully-paid, single-party, two-party and family medical coverage and dental coverage – no matter what happens to healthcare premium costs over the next three years.

Question #9: Will the Flex Earnings cap affect me?

Answer #9: The effect of the Flex Earnings cap will depend on your benefits plan. The biggest change will be for those with family coverage and the smallest change will be for those with single-party coverage. But don’t fall for the rumors! Remember: Additional wage increases were won at the individual tables to help offset these impacts and more importantly, we secured a guarantee of fully-paid, single-party, two-party and family medical coverage and dental coverage – no matter what happens to healthcare premium costs over the next three years.

Question #10: Are these contract terms final?

Answer #10: No. These are Tentative Agreement (TA) contract bargaining terms. All L.A. County SEIU 721 members in good standing will have the opportunity to vote on this TA. We will announce TA voting details once bargaining is complete. Click here to make sure you are a member in good standing and eligible to vote on the upcoming TA. This is your contract. You will want to make sure your voice is heard!

Question #11: When will I get specifics about my Bargaining Unit/Classification?

Answer#11: Remember, bargaining is still happening. Official summaries of the Tentative Agreement (TA) by bargaining unit are being drafted and will be released as part of the voting process. Every member in good standing with SEIU 721 will have an opportunity to read the facts for themselves and then vote YES or NO to ratify a contract. Click here to make sure you are a member in good standing and eligible to vote on the upcoming TA.



Text SEIU to 31996 for the latest info.


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Excellent! Thanks for the clarity.

Marched downtown for nothing

Horrible contract. We need flex pay. Families get 500 a month. By 2021 will be capped at 244. Almost 300 a month losing


Sorry my friend that’s the law of the land. They have to cap it in order to meet the requirements of a bonafide benefit plan under Flores v. City of San Gabriel.

Just A Thought

They may not “have” to cap Flex Benefit pay at all. Based on some research regarding Flores v City of San Gabriel, the Flex payout in this case was not considered incidental, (42-47% of the Flex Benefit payout was cash in lieu of benefits). If LA County’s Flex Benefit payout is considered incidental (allowed in bona fide benefit plans), then the County may not have to cap Flex Benefits at all.

Jorge Torres

The benefits package wasnt intended to earn you any money, it’s to cover all the medical and dental needs etc. We are lucky to get anything from flex pay as it is. #smh

Losing money

I will be losing money because of the capped out flex earnings. Even with salary increases they will eventually take flex away. The county is only getting worse.

Going broke with LA county

I’m gonna vote no on this contract. It’s not good. No wonder people dont wanna pay for the union anymore. Flex matters a lot on lower paid employees.

Concerned Clercial

the cap is only for certain bargining unit this don’t apply to clercial that what their not telling people in hopes that we’ll say no to the contract, it’s for the higher paid county employees..

Giancarlo Carini

Everyone? And is SEIU still negotiating with the Courts?


Is it true that we will not get the $1000 bonus if all bargaining do not close by 12:00 pm on October 2nd

Pearl Marshall

YES, with the exception of the nurses who go back to the table today


Flex is capped. I’m losing money !

Irma Rosales

does this apply to child support officers?


The schedule above shows 11.25%. Is it 11.25% or 10.75%?


It shows 10.75%. 2 + 2.5 + 1 + 2.5 + 2.75 = 10.75. it’s 8 percent plus a half-step (2.75%)

Concerned Employee

Can someone clarify:

1. The half step is for those employees who by 2021 have maxed out their salary and therefore are in their last step? or in 2021 everyone regardless what step they are in will get the additional half step?

2. For the flex earnings if someone previously had $450 left over after choosing their cafeteria benefits on a monthly basis but now that amount will be capped at $224 in 2021?

3. It would be nice if someone listed the classification who are getting a higher raise or what bargaining units are still in negotiations.

Victoria Rodriguez

So Mad About This!


Yes you would lose 206 a month from 450 to 244. It’s a bad contract. There giving bonus hush money and less then cost of living raises. We lost


Why does the union always accept an increase in parts? For example, a 7% increase is broken into the three years instead of fighting for the full 7% increase to begin on the day the increase begins? In effect workers receive the full increase only the last year. We are constantly losing money when it is broken up like this. This to me seems that the union is only fighting for cost of living increases.

Chris Martin

They do it to save money. Bonuses lot of reasons. Go on strike. We are losing money but dumb people happy when they say 1000 bonus.

Fda union

People loose motivation fast cuz this job sicks


The numbers add up to 11.25% and not the stated 10.75%…is this a typo?


yes it was… they changed the January 2020 to 1% now


Join the discussion…yes numbers for Jan 2020 now says 1%

Crystal Robinson

I get 10.75 when I add them all up. 2 + 2.5 + 1 + 2.5 + 2.75 = 10.75


Join the discussion…How did you get 11.25%

Someone Concerned

Numbers add up to 11.75%


Keep in mind; a 2% raise for an Employee earning a $45,000 salary equates to a $900 annual raise. Cutting just $100 from flex or other benefits equates to a $1,200 annual reduction from previous benefit payouts received. This is far from adjusting actual Salary & Employee Benefit payouts to keep up with 3-4+% cost of living in Los Angeles County. This is just a hypothetical example.


Agree ^ Cutting out flex cash payout is not moving in the direction of getting a pay increase. At the end of the day, it’s what the bottom line reflects. People rely on cash out, and taking it away is diminishing returns. The flex cash out should not have been allowed as a factor to help offset the COLA. By doing this, people lose even with this 10.75 increase. So many things they could’ve looked at: 1) cutting overtime on departments that abuse this. Why don’t look at that? There is no official document that tracks overtime with productivity. It’s… Read more »


Will we still have a co pay for healthcare? Will we get better eye care plans?

Sean williams

Stop paying Into the union. That’s gonna be our raise ! BS contract


So for a single person not buying additional vacation hours (that they would not use), previously they would have earned $890 or so in flex earnings. That is a $550-650 loss per month. 2% increases are not going to recoup that and, at best, they’ll be right back where they were prior to any negotiations. Even worse, if they choose to buy time, they will actually be losing money compared to how things were prior to negotiations – an overall loss for everyone outside of the options plans. It’s great that we’re getting the facts, but unfortunately the facts are… Read more »


I don’t believe that will apply to megaflex positions. I could be wrong but since our positions are not represented by the union it will not apply to whose who are megaflex. If someone knows different please let us know.


Is there anyone that knows that answer to Justin’s question?


Megaflex employees probably won’t know anything for sure until an official memo is sent out.


As a Megaflex employee and we usually get exactly what union members get. I’m sure the flex cap will also apply to us. I am one of those who it wont affect as my flex earnings have never been more than $200. But that $1000 bonus will come in handy and salary increase I’ll welcome. Before county I worked at non profit, TRUST me these benefits would never happen at non profits!


After some more thorough research, the flex cap probably won’t apply to us. Only to Options. Even if it does, we’ll be looking at some major overhaul to our plan since we don’t receive any vacation time.


The Flores decision doesn’t apply to Exempt Employees since they don’t get paid overtime


It will apply to non-exempt Megaflex employees.

Sommer Slaughter

Megaflex employees aren’t represented in these negotiations. Megaflex employees receive the general salary increase and whatever the percentage is for benefits.


The general salary increase I understand. What about the flex cap? Or the $1000 bonus? So many questions!

Sommer Slaughter

Megaflex employees won’t get the 1000 bonus as that’s only for 721 represented employees. Megaflex employees will receive the standard contribution percentage increase.


Unless you are a mega flex member who is represented and still at the table.

Ruby Johnson

when will we get the bonus

Blanca Anavisca

How do we find out which are the lower paid members?


When will the contract ratification happen? We will be taxed on the $1000 bonus? So we are actually getting like $500?



Sommer Slaughter

It normally takes a few weeks for all the votes to be collected and then it has to go back to the board before it can be finalized. My advice (and I tell people this every time we renegotiate) don’t expect for it to happen within the first month or so.

Stop complaining and move on!

If you do not like working for the county, go somewhere else. The county will go broke if we have irresponsible spending. We get wonderful benefits that nobody else gets. If you don’t make enough, then maybe go back to school or do something else. You cannot expect to make a lot of money if your occupation does not deserve it.

Erik M.

“If you do not like working for the county, go somewhere else.” -Some employees genuinely love to serve the public and our job. Simply because we dont agree with the terms negotiated does not mean I will go somewhere else. “The county will go broke if we have irresponsible spending.” -The County will never go broke. It may need to reduce spending by cutting back on the programs they provide, increasing taxes, or freezing or laying off non-essential positions but the County will never go broke. “We get wonderful benefits that nobody else gets.” Our beneftis are great and what… Read more »

Re A. Lity

No. the free market determines what occupation gets what. Highly skilled brain surgeon gets more than a EMT. You can be a freelance yoga practitioner your entire life because you love it. But don’t expect the pay of a electrician while he works and all you do is chant ommmmmm.

Everyone makes their own decisions, sacrifices, and outcomes based on weighing many factors. If you love your low-paying job, you have to be content that your love doesn’t pay well.


The county almost went bankrupt and the presidentof the UnitedStates had to bail us out.


Actually it is very tough to get into the county and I believe everyone that has made it here is hand picked and well qualified. Consumer price index advanced 3.9%, basically you have to spend 3.9% more than last year for the same things. If your salary is not increasing as well you are losing money. Five years down the road… I wouldn’t consider this a raise or promotion.. it’s basically a cost of living adjustment, however if we are getting 2% increase but everything costs 3.9% more.. that’s -1.9%. Every little bit helps though So we can have… Read more »


It’s not that tough to get into the County. I took an online test when I was in Vegas before I moved to LA and when I got to my house I had the test results. A month later I was called by a place in Torrance that I had to turn down due to transportation issues but in June that year I got a call for DPSS. It was only 3 months after I moved in. I started in July that same year. I love my job but some of the things they do are unfair. They have some… Read more »


The County of Los Angeles just allocated 10 million dollars to pay for legal help for Ilegal aliens. So whats more important ilegals or the county workers


Interesting how the republican supervisors gave us a better contract 3 years ago than the new so called labor friendly progressives.

Sharon Gilliam

Why cant we receive 3% on Oct 1, 2018 and when October 1, 2020 receive 2.5 % and then receive the 2.75% in January 2021. I hate when we reach TA they give us kibbles and bits especially when we had to wait almost a year later to get the rest. It is very annoying to receive 1% gas money.

Sean williams

Horrible contract


That’s only 8.25% total. I’ll take the 10.75% instead.

Graciela pena

Is it true that flex earnings needs to be used in purchasing life insurance, and if you don’t use it that way you loose it?

Sommer Slaughter

No. While most people do use that money to purchase life insurance it is not a this for that thing. If you decide not to purchase life insurance with your flex earnings they just put the difference in your check.

Just A Thought

Are you considering this contract with your reply? If certain flex benefits are capped, you may lose some of your flex benefit payout if you do not use them to purchase enough benefits.

Sommer Slaughter

Did you read the initial question or are you responding to my reply? The question asked was “is it true that flex earnings needs to be used in purchasing life insurance, and if you don’t use it that way you loose it?” and my answer was written in response to that question in particular. Now, to answer your question: yes I am considering the new contract but the cap doesn’t affect me because I utilize both of the spending accounts and I already have a salary reduction because I max them both out. And before the debate continues, I do… Read more »


This is a increase for union fees not for employees.


With a flex pay cap I’m not getting a raise only union getting a raise on their fees.

Sad County Worker

One of the things we, in the paramedical MOU, were really arguing for was an increase in the stand-by rate. It’s less than 1/4th what other county pays their workers at the moment, even if you get called back into work almost daily in critical/emergency care areas. At this point, they seem to be struggling to replace staff that leave, as a result the workers must be on call more frequently. Went to court over it after union did nothing. Judge basically said the MOU overrides any laws in place to protect workers. Come time for bargaining, our representative is… Read more »


For all of you naysayers, complainers and employees who stand on the sidelines and DO NOT GET INVOLVED…please…save your complaints. If you did not get involved, and more importantly, not a FULL member who opted out after Janus…PLEASE. You may not be aware that there were many days and nights spent strategizing, working hard; negotiating, accepting and rejecting going on during the bargaining for this contract. Work on this contract started many months ago by all bargaining teams, and they worked really hard on YOUR behalf. They didn’t just show up on the first day of bargaining to take on… Read more »

Sommer Slaughter

I completely agree because these comments are ridiculous. The same people complaining are the ones that probably didn’t even vote when asked to create his or her bargaining team and didn’t even bother to send in what they would like for the team to fight for.

Jorge Torres

Very well said!! People are ungrateful, thank you for all the hard work that went into get this TA

Deserving County Employee

Negotiating our contract is not a favor, the union is getting paid for it. The union is my employee and its only job is my benefit. And your scare tactic doesn’t work buddy, I love what I do and I am great at it, so its irrelevant you saying someone else would love my job, good for them!!! . If I want to disagree with this contract, I will. It is completely unfair, benefits should not be taken away ,they should increase or stay the same. Basically , the union has one job every three years, yes long hours and… Read more »


You are the perfect person to get involved in the bargaining process. You will see it is much more than the Your Union and Your Bargaining teams, who represents you, to reach contracts.

The bargaining for the next contract will begin shortly after the vote is ratified. I hope to see you there!


We are losing money…. if flex pay is reduced and the other increase….we in the same boat…no raises….this is a horrible contract and the higher salaries gets this as well and they dont pay union dues….we need a new contract

Amber Blush 2014

This comments post have been infiltrated by anti-labor union entities.

Won’t take crumbs

Your entire comment should be on a t shirt to wear at these union meetings!


This contract sucks, what happen to us fighting for what is right. We need so much more, this don’t cover us with the increase of living cost, etc. I will be voting no on this contract


The contract is no good if they take away the Flex pay or even cap it out. Plus everyone get the benefits even if they do not contribute to the union. That is not fair. This contact will just be break even or event cost us money after 3 years due to inflation cost increasing by 4% every year. We need at-least 5% – 6% raise each year at-least to compensate the Flex pay lose.

Just A Thought

The Union seems to fight for guaranteed Health Benefit coverage (Medical, Dental, etc.) every contract. Should guaranteed Health coverage be a win or a given (I say given because the Union has “won” this every contract in recent memory)? Keep in mind; LA county must stay competitive with the Cost of Living (COLA) and other business, otherwise staff may leave LA County or never hire to begin with – although there are many reasons to stay/hire with the LA County… The combined aspects that seem to make the basis of this 3-year Contract: – Guaranteed Health Benefit coverage – 10.75%… Read more »

What am I paying union fees for?

We should cap our union contribution as well. The “additional wage increases” do not “help offset these impacts.” On the contrary, we will get a smaller percentage than the 10.75% if we count everything that we are losing.

Pearl Marshall

Hello My Fellow Brothers and Sisters, This was my first time running to be on a Table representing BU 121. I along with all other elected members representing our Tables and the Body worked very hard. It is not as easy as typing negative comments. On October 2, 2018 only 2,000 out of our 60,000 members joined us at the Board of Supervisors. We are grateful for those that made the sacrifice to show solidarity. For those other 58,000 who made the choice not to sacrifice their personal time this falls on you. We can only look as strong as… Read more »


I appreciate your hard work.

Re A. Lity

The other 56000 were at work earning a salary not AWOPing.


Good point.^^ Why does the County allow 2 hours to vote but can’t give time for this? And they give you the entire day to be a pollworker, but no time for this? Just noticing the double standard.

Ron B.

Hello Pearl,
Can you give a status update on “inequity” salary increases for the Network System Administrator job series? They work alongside Operation systems Analyst doing the same exact work, but not reviving the same pay:

$6,891.28 mon $9,038.36 mon 2560

$7,420.00 mon $9,731.00 mon 2551


They did Not submit an Inequity Presentation


honestly I didn’t hear anyone mention on my end to appear at the board of supervisors on 10/02, I just heard and was present for 09/25/18


How was the communication conveyed to go on the march on October 2nd? Was there a mass email sent out? I would like to add that department management needs to support letting go there staff to go on this march. In my experience in the years with the county, the Departments don’t encourage. Some even grown if you take off.

I find it funny they encourage staff to sign up for the November polls, even giving extra compensation of $200 to sign up as a pollworker. But something important like this is not pushed.



Amber Blush 2014

Thank you, Pearl. Stay strong, don’t mind the anti-union operatives here.

Pablo Freeman

What does Flores v. City of San Gabriel have to do with a flex earnings cap? That lawsuit was brought because flex earnings weren’t included in the premium overtime calculation even though it was included as employee wages and taxed. What is the lawsuit currently brought against LA County regarding Flex Earnings?

Sommer Slaughter

It matters because there is a similar lawsuit against Los Angeles County for the same thing. Log into the mylacounty site and you’ll see that we were given the difference from any overtime to include flex earnings. Contrary to what people believe, all that money the county has to pay out will effects the workers down the line.

Just A Thought

“… affect workers down the line?” What do you mean… LA County is attempting to recoup that money considering this contract, aren’t they? Also, I’m curious about the “similar lawsuit” you mention going after the “same thing…” What do you mean same thing? I am inclined to think that the County may be complying with the court decision by paying out the extra $ for OT, considering the flex benefit calculation… Doing a bit of research on the Flores V City of San Gabriel case… the flex benefit payout in this case was not incidental and therefore may not comply… Read more »

Sommer Slaughter

I honestly don’t know all the details about the lawsuits. Once the lawsuit documents are available I’m a do my own research and find out exactly what happened.


It is interesting. While it is a bad deal that the flex earning are capped and some people may receive less, we are getting FREE health care coverage (not paying a cent), and extra money on top of that. My last job was in a Fortune 10 best company to work for and we still paid a few hundred for our health insurance, and NO extra money. I agree that the percentages need to be more, and all at once would be nice. The consumer price index showed 3.9% advancement in 12 months (you pay 3.9% in general for everything)*,… Read more »

Sommer Slaughter

I don’t believe people really understand how different things are across different counties and state departments. Yes, other counties, the city, non profits or even the state department may pay higher salary wise but I know first hand that employees have to pay almost half of their medical and dental insurance premium costs. I’m not saying higher wages aren’t important but look at the comparisons to what we kind of are lucky to have versus what we don’t have. We get a base salary AND a monthly allowance to purchase benefits and whatever we don’t spend we get it back… Read more »

Just A Thought

To add to your point about a Clerk’s salary back in 2005. Keep in mind that the State of California, in 2016, signed a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2022. In that sense, many large CA Employers have not choice but to raise the minimum wage.

Also, it is yet to be seen if this TA is a gain to add to the books as you day… Although it very well could be, once the details are released, actual calculations will show the outcome for better or for worse.

Jorge Torres

People are simply ungrateful! Best benefit package around..flex isnt apart of your regular earnings glad you’ve been getting that extra money that was meet for benefits…

Jorge Torres

The city employee do not get a lump sum increase of 20% lol #laughable

Yadira Marcu

Thank you for fighting for us and negotiating for the best options!
Also thanks for updating the system to minimize confusion and rumors.

Ron B.

Can someone from BU121 give a status update on “inequity” salary increases for the Network System Administrator job series? They work alongside Operation/Information systems Analyst doing the same exact work, but not reviving the same pay. Without the network, these Operating/Information systems would not be able to communicate.’s kind of a big deal…

$6,891.28 mon $9,038.36 mon 2560

$7,420.00 mon $9,731.00 mon 2551

Please advise and thank you

Stop complaining about nonsense

Weird that you don’t have anything to say about the “inequity” between the ISA and NSA series at the 2 level, where NSA outclasses both the Application Developer II and Information Systems Analyst II roles.

I guess it only matters when it’s you?

Ron B.

I don’t know your situation but i have a right to ask a question as you do, so please don’t be a tool…

Chris Martin

I’m gonna get the 1000 bonus then quit and go to kaiser. I will start at almost 10 dollars more an hour. The county is only getting worse. Its either dumb new employees who dont know better or old people defending why they stayed at a job they didnt like while being underpaid.

County employee

What’s dumb is what you plan to do. I’m a newer employee but I’m not dumb. I do my work and do it well. I always ask if I can’t find an answer to something. I sometimes know more than a more experienced worker. We all learn something new everyday whether it be at work or in our life outside of work. Why have you stayed with the county so long? Why not just quit now? Someone smart would apply and get a job offer elsewhere before quitting. THAT would be dumb if they didn’t. SMH

Chris Martin

Kaiser is a job offer I am accepting. I was waiting to see what the county contract was gonna be. It’s good for me because I did enough years to collect pension that new staff will pay for also while i work at kaiser for 10 more an hour. So I will make double income that new people on plan G will pay for. It was a good run but county has gotten so much worse over the years this contract was the last straw . New employees are so happy to be at the county but the best thing… Read more »


Thank you all for your hard work, there is a lot of talk about flex being lost and settling and not doing enough, but the reality is that a lot of things are changing and one of them is premiums on healthcare. I’ve seen personally people that where not paying to having to pay 500 monthly on ins. And these are big agencies, government and once corporations that would pay great. Even Kaiser is changing their practices. Yes some people are getting paid more and without benefits. Or they have the ability to not use the benefits of their employer… Read more »


I meant to say they have a significant other that works for an organization that covers full medical. And may I add that few are covering now a days


It’s amazing how people are quick to want to get rid of the union and forget or maybe have not worked for the most part in the private sector to see all the neg. Rights and how you are at there mercy for your job. And the fact that in the private sector there is more unions being formed especially in the healthcare industry. I’ve seen more unions than in my 22 years of healthcare at facilities that I would never have expected. Why because people like to pay union dues? I think the question is obviously rhetorical. Get the… Read more »


who is the half step for? is it for employees that have maxed out their salary and therefore are in their last step? or in 2021 everyone regardless what step they are in will get the additional half step?


It’s my understanding that you will get the half step once you max out (last step) on your item. Eventually, you will get it if you aren’t maxed out yet.

Pearl Marshall

Hello, I called the Union yesterday to update this website. I guess they have not had a chance. Due to the case out of San Gabriel all Public Sectors have to reduce their Flex take home pay or face possible decertification. Which would mean they would lose their ability to offer the medical plans we currently have. The offset (how you will get your money back) for the cut back on Flex take home pay. •Oct. 1, 2018 =$1,000 one-time bonus (Bonus will be disbursed upon Contract Ratification) •Jan. 1, 2020 = 1% salary increase This is an offset for… Read more »

Just A Thought

I don’t believe there is any confusion about what you have stated.

I think you are right in the sense that the Salary Increase and One-time Bonus are going to offset the Flex reduction. That is why some or many are dissatisfied.

Because; that One-time Bonus and Salary Increase will not nearly offset the Flex reduction AND cost of living.

So, it could be said that the Union did a great job in offsetting the reduction in Flex earnings, but maybe not so much on the Cost of Living side….


Where is the COLA increase? All the union did was help CYA the County by agreeing to this FLEX Cap given the lawsuits that are circulating. But at the end of the day, there was no increase in pay to compete with the CPI increase of 3.9. We are in the red with this negotiation. We only covered the cost of losing Flex Cap, but not the cost of living. At minimum, since the Flex CAP is effective in 2019, the COLA should have been front loaded meaning 3.9% COLA (to coincide with CPI) + 3% increase to cover loss… Read more »


Does $325 cap begin Jan. 1 2019 or Jan. 1, 2020?
Does $244 cap begin on Jan. 1, 2020 or Jan. 1, 2021?


are there any updates after 10/02? did the union discuss anything further with the board of supervisors on this day?


are there any new updates, since the board of supervisor meeting on 10/02/2018?


I’m really excited for what the Union is trying to do on our behalf. I’m new to the County and while I have enjoyed large government contractor jobs and small community based positions, I have not worked anywhere that covers health insurance at 100%. I have a small family and that is very valuable to us in the current climate with all the uncertainty with the health insurance market. We need the Union to protect us the way that the County is trying to protect itself. There has to be a balance in fiscal responsibility and adequately compensating employees. It’s… Read more »

Standing up for all county employees

Your the problem. New people think the county is great is how staff gets taken advantage of. Let’s see how you feel in 10 years when they take away it being fully paid and you have to pay but you think it’s so great. People who worked in the county know how things are. Example they gave a 500 bonus and to take away plan E and plan D. Now everyone is on plan G. Your paying more then me in retirement and going to get a lot less then me. If that continues nothing will be left for the… Read more »


I’m not a problem. Unfortunately businesses and governments don’t always pass along savings or profits to staff regardless of COL increases. I would love to be on a plan higher than G. I never even thought i would have access to a pension and part of me is fearful that it will not be available when I’m ready to retire. Like I said, I’m excited for what the union is trying to do on our behalf. I do see this contract as kind of breaking even…I don’t see it as a big win. But I’m not willing to disparage those… Read more »

County employee

You just prove my point more and more every time you respond. God bless


I have a question about the 1.5 extra pay to low pay employees. Does this also include Secretarial positions too or not?


Can someone explain if the CAP on flex earning will affect Mega Flex non exempt employees?

MegaFlex Expert

No it won’t. It will only affect the Options Plan. MegaFlex is a different category entirely. Just like how the $1000 bonus does not affect us, neither will the cap. We will only receive the general salary increases.


Thank you so much for your response


What about relief nurses? . We are not included on the 10.75% increase. What are we getting, and why are we getting excluded


No I think they are getting less because they are already overpaid.


If you are a county employee you should get the increase. Also I think the nurses have a separate thing going on with their BU. Some nurse’s are underpaid, for the education/training they have had to go through and what they do on a daily basis.


is it true only certain employees are getting the 10.75% raise and the $1,000 bonus?