Mediation in Riverside County


SEIU LOCAL 721 and RIVERSIDE COUNTY will participate in mediation on 8/19, 8/21, 9/11 – 9/13 in an effort to reach an agreement on a contract/MOU.

The Public Employment Relations Board approached both parties about the idea of mediation. PERB has assigned a very qualified mediator to attempt to reach a compromise on all outstanding bargaining related ULPs and the MOU.

The 2016 SEIU Local 721 bargaining committee has been reconvened to participate. Bargaining committee elections for the next round of negotiations will continue to move forward in the event we do not reach an agreement with the County in mediation. The current bargaining committee will participate in mediation given their knowledge of the current issues and breadth of negotiations since 2016.

The SEIU Local 721 bargaining committee is ready to represent the members’ best interests and although this process does not guarantee that we will reach an agreement with the County, we are ready and hopeful of reaching an agreement.

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Nancy J Novak

Go Bargining Team

Roger nunez

Who can attend mediation?

Joey Aszterbaum

The County blew money on KPMG (who are all kinds of shady…google them) and keeps wasting money. Instead of taking care of Riverside’s working families and the working poor, they’re giving themselves raises. Supervisor Chuck Washington just had a campaign fundraiser in Hemet at a mansion with a bunch of millionaires, but he can’t even face SEIU members. And now they’ve stooped so cartoon-villain-low that they’re closing animal shelters. The money is there. Instead of taxing wealthy businesses and the rich, the County Supervisors take their orders from them. And why not? They’re independently wealthy before the $160.000 salaries and… Read more »

Paul Gaines

We need to get rid of no sick leave payout! Also be able to get comp time for overtime back!

Latisha M Lewis

Something Needs to be done ASAP! Kind of hard to keep the faith when you have actively gone out to strike, watch L.A. county win on huge contracts, Watch RNs get a piece of something and the rest of us LVNs Mid level providers cooks janitor etc just sit around and hope meanwhile big wings still getting huge pay increases and or bonuses!

Mia Jacobs

LVN’s definitely deserve a pay increase!

Denise Beanblossom RN

Sadly, the County of Riverside Board of Supervisors does not understand the value of the dedicated men and women who staff the hospital, clinics and other facilities throughout the county. I have worked at RUHS as a RN for 18 yrs.. I have witnessed the dedication and the commitment to making our facility a place that patients want to come back to when they are in need of It has been a sincere privilege to work along side such hard working and compassionate people whom I proudly call colleagues and /friends. We all have one common goal… to make a… Read more »

Joseph Brinson

I pray the County comes to their senses and agrees to negotiate a fair contract for their workers. If not, I am afraid highly trained workers will begin to leave. As it is now, most newer workers are working two jobs to make ends meet. Eventually, they will jump ship or leave the helping profession all together. Those that would be most affected by this would be the most vulnerable in our community. To those on the negotiation team, fight like hell because lives and careers are at stake.