LA County, Emergency Paid Sick Leave is On the Way!

In accordance with HR 6201, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, beginning on April 1, the County of Los Angeles will make available 80 hours of Emergency Paid Sick Leave – and a pro-rated share for part-timers – to be used by employees with  symptoms or health issues that call for self-isolation during the COVID-19 emergency. Employees will be able to use this emergency paid sick leave before they take other benefits (regular sick leave, personal time, vacation), if they so choose.

The Emergency Paid Sick Leave may also be used for the care of a sick family member who has been advised to self-isolate, or to care for a child whose school or place of care has closed. In such cases, the sick pay will be at 2/3 the employee’s regular rate of pay.

Also in accordance with HR 6201, the County will be make available to employees up to 12 weeks of FMLA Emergency Leave at 2/3 regular rate of pay, for the care of children at home due to the COVID-19 emergency. 

Early next week the County will issue specific guidelines on Emergency Paid Sick Leave and FMLA Emergency Leave. Once such guidelines have been issued, SEIU Local 721 will be prepared to answer all member questions.

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How would we apply?


I called the number and there were 19 callers ahead of me and I was on hold for 3 hours with no help. Everyone has probley the same issues too.


the answer ive been waiting for !!! THANK YOU !!..applause to all who helped be our voice!

on another note.. Is County allowed to deny our request to take leave for child care due to school closure? If I have an official notice from the district is that sufficient??

Tracy J Pena

I would like to know too. I was told code Authorized Absence without pay.

County Mom

At first I was told to use my accrued time, but now that this is in effect it’s a game changer, I’m sure before the 1st of April they will send emails to payroll and payroll will email all our supervisors to provide a code we can all use. Just an assumption. . I also hope this isn’t a cruel April fools joke… lol. Good luck to all of us trying to manage a career and take on educational duties. .


If interpretation is not wrong; yes you can take off to take care of child but you only get for 2/3rd of your pay and you will be pain only 80 hrs. if you need further off then you have and option to apply FMLA.

Elaine Oceguera

Will the Union have a discussion regarding Hazard pay for those who are physically reporting to work during COVID 19

Andrea M Reese

Great question

Waheedah Carter

That would be my question as well.


Should I go directly to Fema?


You are saying fmla is for children under 18. However it should be for any immediate family member. Please clarify why your fmla is different than the states. Also as an lvn in jail I do not get hazard pay. Others staying at home get the luxury of being safe and paid. However we’re out there getting exposed with no hazard pay. Seems wrong that most workers stay home and we risk so much for less than what they receive. We need hazard pay as other nurses are getting right now.

Heidi Mettler

Wow! What a great question Elaine!

Andy Vicente

Yes please bring up Hazard pay


Still does nothing for front line, essential employees who are in good health and working. We all could of stayed home for two weeks but we decided to come to work and provide essential services. People on here complaining EPSL is not retroactive to mid-March but those working will receive NOTHING, ZERO (well we will possibly receive the virus). When will we get HAZARD pay (for 12 weeks)?

T - New

You should run for office Elaine! Excellent question


Awesome, the real question for all of us that self isolated prior to being able to work from home will be will this leave be available for retro…


This is not good enough. Especially for those who have to come in daily and exposing ourselves to the public.

Mai Lien Hoang

I am agree with Justin. We shoiuld all allow to have 80 hours per member to use either we need to use for covid-19 or going in to work. If all people that dont go to work have this benefits; this will drive the rest of us stay home to be able to get 80 hours.

Inai Mary Shanahan

Can someone clarify 2/3 of regular pay?
Also, is there anything the union can do for individuals that had to use their sick time already due to the Covid19 measures?

Heidi Mettler

Probably time card correction. Hopefully..


2/3 of pay is equivalent to around 66% of pay


That is a big pay cut.

Crystal Valdez

What if we have already taken a leave of absence due to health issues? Is this able to be backdated??? I only have percentage time available as of right now that will be depleted. I return to work April 2 and (hopefully) will begin telework 5 days a week. I have to go in I guess and sign the agreement.

Crystal Valdez

Why on Earth would someone “minus” this question? I am out of work due to my health issues making me more susceptible to this virus! I knew there was going to be Emergency Paid Sick Leave but didn’t know when. Now that it’s official, I’m asking if it will be backdated to when it was initially proposed, BEFORE I went on medical leave.

Worried Worker

What about those of us that may not have kids or sick loved ones but can’t work due to our agency closing? I can’t afford to not work… I have bills even though I don’t have kids.

Miss GLH

This is great. I was just having this dicussuion with health and safety regarding
the leave that LA County is suppose to have implemented for us due to the Covid 19..
So Thank you 721.for fighting for all of us.
Now I will wait to make sure that I am given this emergency sick leave

Roderic Gray

Does the Emergency Paid Sick Leave apply to employees who are 60+ years of age?

Judy Bahr

Do we over 65 people now return to work because we are not sick after the 2 week isolation? ????

Karen Gray

Great JOB!!! Thank you.

Julia Robinson

I have underline health issues that make me moe susceptible to corona virus will I qualify for emergency FMLA leave

Elizabeth Mendoza

What about the ones working and taking one for the team??short staffed phones off the hook. I do the daily bank deposits never knowing who i might come on contact with.And on workers comp in pain every day but i show up. It is a hazzard every day not knowing if someone in our building will come in with the virus. But i still take that chance EVERY DAY. Maybe some Hazzard Pay for those showing up Not giving up.
I like my job. I AM ESSENTIAL.

Hank Fink

Don’t see the 65+ risk age grp I fall in listed here(I’m 73y/o Recreation Therapist). Prior to today I’m being told by my supervisor I have to use my own time!

Jes Nicole

So if I have to remain in isolation due to my daughter having severe lung issues I would only receive 70% pay

Heidi Mettler

My partner as well has very bad asthma, i had to preform cpr on her twice because she stopped breathing. Can i get paid and stay in quarantine. If i bring this home, her odds are not good.


Is the county paying us to be off if kids out of school

Judy Bahr

Hello. Beautiful ,…I find this offer compassionate and generous

Worried mother

Does the new emergency policy apply to healthcare worker who has a new born at home and a child whose school is closed?


What does the County consider an Emergency? Most of the employees I work with have No time. Some abuse it.

salena hernandez

Is this pay retroactive, since this all began mainly beginning of March?

Heidi Mettler

I was off 3 weeks for having symptoms and having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled for the first week. I have Dr. Notes for most of the days. How can i receive 2/3 of my pay instead of 50%? Do i still qualify?

Desiree Robinson

2/3 pay? It should be 100% pay.

Camille Padilla

Please let mr knownhow to apply

Camille Padilla

Please let me know how to apply

Cristina Jimenez

Does this officially start April 1st??
I was placed on self isolation by my doctor from March 23-27th and used vacation time.

Yvonne Corral

Will the County be offering us employees that are still working in a building with about 400-500 employees in a building hazard pay? Half of the staff is on telework but there’s those of us still working, No mask have been given to us …

Michael Sliwa

So i can do 12 weeks instead of the 2 weeks cause my 4yr old has no daycare


i nned help asap.My supervisors dont know anything. His mom ran out of hrs and i dont have many left.. Im off on the 1st and want to start leave on April 2nd, only thing they gave me was fmla paper but for illness. I really need help. My 4yr old son is closed and im the only 1 to care and watch my son. I have like 20 hrs left, so i would appreciate more info as this is time senstive.


What if we did not use the Emergency Paid Sick Leave, are we able to cash out or use it later on?

No name

Yes who doesn’t love our union thank god for them because I don’t agree with the way the county is handling this situation… for those of us still having to work and expose ourselves and aren’t given a choice but to go to the office it isn’t fair… we are essential and not getting hazard pay yet we are putting ourselves in danger and are told oh wash your hands but this is airborne also and this six feet rule is hogwash because we are many in a huge room. We may feel sick and don’t even want to say… Read more »

No One

I agree!! We’ve found out through the news instead of officials at work. These actions are highly unacceptable and deplorable. We show to work daily and yet management doesn’t bother to give a daily briefing or at least updates because everything is hidden beneath a rock. HAZARD PAY IS A MUST!!


What about Hazard pay for employees working during this emergency?

Raeann Aguirre

What about those of that were off these last couple of weeks and have had to use percentage time, we will be able to use these hours for retro ?

County Employee

Excellent, thanks SEIU 721!! Does the time expire (do we have to use it by a certain date or we lose it)? What happens if we don’t use it?


What about the workers still going in the office and are noR offered telework or anything else but see other people are. We are risking our health and exposure because this is an airborne disease as well. We don’t get hazard pay and we have our own family also when we go back and forth from work. Just want to ask how that is fair? Thanks.

No One

It is not fair that we are exposed and not compensated for doings so. Every time I come home from work I pray that I didn’t bring something with me. I have children whom I wouldn’t want to expose.

Angelita Zetina

I love my job and I know how to get it done with a passion. I am 66 years and at high risk, I travel from Rialto to down town on metro link and the red line to my work place faithfully everyday. I now tele work from home but must go to work one day of the week. That one day could be the worse day of my life. I am scared to death so afraid. I develop a excruciating pain in my leg my doctor do not want me to go to the hospital because of high risk.… Read more »

Wynona Anderson

Is there any incentive for us that still have to come to work, not knowing who we may come in contact with? There should be a bonus or something because we are risking our lives. Please advise


What if you’re working with the elderly doing in-home support services will that also be one of the options to take this emergency leave? If you working 25 hours a week

Joanne Oltion

Is this for those at high risk ( underlining Auto ammune ) ?


I’ve been going to work!!!! YES WE NEED HAZARD PAY.


I think that instead of rewarding the people who have already chosen not to report to work, simply because they know they won’t have to provide doctor’s notes, we should be advocating for a bonus for those of us who are actually showing up to work and risking exposing ourselves to make up the work of those who are absent. I may not have kids but I do live with my family. It’s not like I’m not worried about getting sick or getting someone in my family sick, since they are telecommuting. We’re not getting the option to telework.

Heidi lane

I agree! I’m responsible for family and elderly parents. I work in icu and it breaks my heart to hear those that will be getting 100% paid leave while I still have to go in to work risking my life and my families for no extra Benifits!


Well said. Those that work shouldn’t be punished and discriminated against. Those that continue to work cannot benefit from EPSL, FMLA or teleworking. If you are working it is possible to bring the virus back to your family who is teleworking. Unless you all are quarantined it is not safe for one person to be going out.


What about giving a raise to those essential workers that go into an office risking that they bring it to a family member?


Intermittent leave if only whenever needed since taking care of my child twice a week would only be use , in this still ok?


Some hospitals aré compensating nurse up to 10/hr as hazard pay . Can the union inquire this petition to our county hospital and recognized personnel for exposure during this difficult time.

Carmen Camarena

How about hazard pay for those employees that telework is not an option?

Luz Avina

If I have symptoms of COVID-19 and wanna take the two weeks off to self Quarantine do I need to provide a medical note since the office of Kaiser are not seeing patients what do I do ?

Luz Avina

If I have the symptoms of COVID-19 and want to self Quarantine for the two weeks do I need to provide the county with the doctors notes or can I self statement should be enough what do we do in this situation ?

Gregorio asuncion

Pls. Call me back having stress and anxiety 626 723 8818

Thea weintraub

I am per diem in a psych er, will i get any pay. I am 64 with autoimmune and asthma, plus my husband is still working in health care.multiple risk factors.


I’m a Secretary III and my supervisor hasn’t given me the option to Telework. It has been offered to all or most of the clerical staff and they were provided with the paperwork as well as the Court Social Workers. Does my item (2096A) considered to be an essential or a non-essential employee?

David Snell

What about hazard pay


Working in the ER, we are the front line in healthcare. We don’t know who has one what and in a time like this, our lives and the lives around us are all in danger. Not only have we been short on PPE, but all around us, other facilities have agreed to pay hazard pay. Many of us work in hospitals! How does Walmart and Costco employees receive hazard pay and we don’t. Right and left intubations are occurring more and more everyday! It’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Staff is more than deserving of this… Read more »


To be proactive …. can all essential workers that are required to be out in the field hope to be provided with protective mask in the very near future?