Relief for workers, not blank checks for CEOs

For many SEIU 721 workers, in the course of their work they are required to confront and clean – whether it is germs, viruses, and diseases at a hospital or to clean up city parks to keep them safe.

A virus as deadly as COVID-19 is different though and every day members worry about bringing it home to their families. As our members make their way to work by car or public transportation, they can see it in the eyes of others – we’d love to stay home but we can’t afford to miss a paycheck.

As frontline workers, we’re sacrificing so much to do our jobs. Will you join me in telling Congress it’s time to protect all workers.

Congress has passed multiple bills in response to the COVID-19 crisis, but so far they have fallen short of providing the support we need. Frontline workers still lack protective equipment, sufficient sick leave; and essential worker pay. Layoffs are looming and workers are unsure of how they’ll cover bills. There’s no real plan to protect our right to vote without risking our health. We also need to stand strong to protect the communities we serve from cuts to vital services. And on top of that, immigrant families have been left out entirely.

Meanwhile, companies are making out like bandits while our public services –like processing the millions of new unemployment claims— are on the cusp of running out of funding.

That’s why we need to call on Congress to put workers first, with no blank checks for corporations. Can you fill out this form to send a letter to your representative?

We’re calling Senators Feinstein and Harris to ask them to HOLD THE LINE! They already support but we need them to fight like hell for the Hero’s Act so it doesn’t get watered down. Let Senator’s Feinstein and Harris know we need them to #ProtectAllWorkers NOW.

If we stand together and demand better now, we can not only protect all workers and come back from this tragedy, but ensure a more just future for us all.