Negotiation Impasse with LA City on the Impacts of the Vaccination Mandate

After months of negotiations with City Administrators over the impacts of the City’s Mandatory Vaccination policy, we’ve exhausted all pathways to an agreement.

Our bargaining, under the Coalition of City Unions, has ended at an impasse. We’ve made our demands, and the City is not moving.

Throughout the bargaining process, SEIU 721 has fought tirelessly on behalf of our members, and thanks to our efforts, the city has extended the deadline for mandatory vaccination to December 18th.

On top of that, we advocated for religious and medical exemptions, and we succeeded. As a matter of fact, we successfully pushed the City to the extend the deadline back in September, and to make the process simple and easy for every member who applies for one of these two types of exemptions.


Those members with approved medical or religious exemptions will be offered a no-cost testing option in lieu of mandatory vaccinations.

The reality is the pandemic is still ongoing, and we strongly encourage all members to protect themselves and their families by getting a COVID-19 vaccination. At the same time, we remain committed to vigorously defending our members’ rights at work, including those who have yet to be vaccinated by the December 18th deadline.

For now, we’ve reached the end of the road on bargaining over this vaccination mandate, and the city is set to impose its Last, Best, and Final Offer.

At this moment, every City worker is expected to show proof of vaccination by December 18th per the City mandate unless they have an approved exemption.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

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Ed Corrales

Who will be liable if I become sick due to side affects caused by the vaccine ?


AB 327 (April 2021) Section 1 (c) says “Vaccination status is private health information and no government entity should compel disclosure.”
The City Council ordinance is in conflict with state law.
Please represent our rights in this case.

Vaccines save lives

AB 327 was a proposed bill that did not get very far in the legislative process. It is not a bill. It is not a law. There is no city council conflict.

Lloyd Brewer

Will the city require vax test at employee expense until exemptions are verified? What authority does the city have to do a payroll deduct if they REQUIRE this as part of our job? If this is part of our job requirements why must it be done on employee time?

Ja'Lisa Petty

Your body. Your choice. Please have several seats. Because from my understanding according to cdc being vaccinated mean you can still get and transmit the disease so should you guys be under the same umbrella as those not vaccinated!???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm


I agree. If you’re vaccinated why you need to be protected from unvaccinated? You can get infected by someone who was vaccinated. I am glad you responded because my comment is not approved yet to be posted directly as a reply to the previous post. If the city force you to get vaccinated than they should be liable for any adverse effects and SEIU needs to fight for us. Its not ok to joke about someone religious belief or pick on their immunization status

Ja'Lisa Petty

EUA is not a law.

Vaccines save lives

Pfizer received full FDA approval in August and is no longer EUA. How does this comment even have a +9 net vote when it is 1) not accurate relative to the Pfizer vaccine and therefore irrelevant and 2) the lawmaking process is not involved here.

N. Li

I telework 100% and has no business coming to the office or meeting the public at all and now I’m required to get tested every week.
I’m getting more exposure and higher risk than I actually had to fulfilling my duty. This is ridiculous.


@Vaccines save lives. If you are vaccinated why you need to be protected from unvaccinated? You can get infected by someone who was vaccinated as well. It is wrong to say the religious exempt have turned into a joke, I would not discriminated people based on their religious beliefs or their immunizations status.