LA County Social Workers – A special contract bargaining message for you

March is Social Workers Month. As we focus our union’s energies on bargaining for the best contract possible, it is vital to place the needs of LA County’s social workers at the forefront.

Keeping caseloads at manageable levels must remain a top priority. As social workers, we want to do our best job possible, which means we must have the resources and flexibility necessary to do our job properly.

When caseloads are unreasonably high, our work suffers and that means our clients suffer. That doesn’t have to happen … and that’s why we are determined to keep our standards high.

As contract bargaining heats up, we’ll continue to fight hard for proper caseload levels. Join us at the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31 in downtown LA to send this message loud and clear. RSVP now!

It is our professional mission as social workers to help children and families heal and grow.

We may work at a school or in an office, at a Sheriff’s station or at a hospital, at a group home or from our own home.

No matter where we’re located across LA County’s 4,753-square-mile service area, we know that social work is a critical component of LA County’s safety net.

Social work can be very rewarding. However, social work can also be difficult, demanding, and even dangerous.

This was true even prior to COVID. But it became acute for us particularly at the height of the pandemic.

We were still expected to meet all professional obligations – and keep everything running as normally as possible – despite the unprecedented challenges and, in numerous instances, actual risk to ourselves. Yet we still did our jobs.

We kept LA County’s safety net intact and we still do.

As contract bargaining heats up, we must remind ourselves how we – as social workers – continue to rise to the challenge.

Make no mistake: We must remind the Board of Supervisors of this fact if we expect to get the strong contract we deserve.

RSVP now to attend the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE. You’ll be glad you did and we’ll be glad to see you there.

Together, we win!

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