Social Workers of BU 723: On Mon., Apr. 24, PURPLE UP and STICKER UP – Let’s get a strong deal!

This upcoming Mon., Apr. 24 is a big day for Social Workers in Bargaining Unit 723 because we are going back to the negotiating table. So, PURPLE UP and STICKER UP to show your support for our union!

Back during our last round of contract negotiations, our union – SEIU 721 – secured a contract reopener from LA County. The deal? LA County agreed to reopen our contract if we could help the Department of Children and Family Services secure $200 million since DCFS is facing a structural deficit.

Well, we did it! Five members of the BU 723 bargaining team lobbied for funding at the State level. And we didn’t just get the required $200 million – we got $300 million!

So, now we’re going back to the bargaining table this Monday. And according to our contract reopener language, SEIU 721 and LA County will discuss:

  • Recruitment and hiring of additional staff members, in the SEIU 723 Bargaining Unit, including but not limited to Children’s Social Workers;
  • Lowering of case load yardsticks or goals applicable to Children’s Social Workers;
  • Other measures focused on retention of current Department staff members;
  • Any other matter the parties mutually agree to bargain over in the reopener negotiations.

So, let’s show support for our union! PURPLE UP by wearing purple or your SEIU 721 gear. And don’t forget to STICKER UP, too! If you need a sticker, just talk to your WorkSite Organizer or your Union Steward and they’ll get you one.

Also – let us know if you’re interested in being part of our Contract Action Team. “CAT Team” members provide the critical link between our union and our members during contract negotiations, making sure communication stays smooth. Sign up now!


Monday is an important day for all of us. PURPLE UP and STICKER UP, and let’s stick together – because, together, we win!

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