USC Shuttle Drivers & Dispatchers: We Have Ratified Our New Contract

It’s official: We, the Shuttle Drivers and Dispatchers of USC, have voted to approve our new contract!

As we all know, we endured nearly ten months of labor law violations by USC management. Last week, we came very close to striking as commencement ceremonies started.

But, at the last minute, USC management woke up to the fact that we weren’t kidding around. They finally stopped their stalling tactics – and we negotiated a contract with USC that we could be proud of.

Our new, four-year contract includes:

  • A $1,200 Tentative Agreement ratification bonus
  • Higher hourly wages
  • Higher annual merit increases
  • A $200 quarterly bonus shuttle drivers and dispatchers who meet key safety and performance goals

We’ll also get a $1/hour shift differential for each hour worked on that split shift. You can view specific details of our new contract here.

From joining SEIU 721 to getting our first contract, this is unquestionably a story of triumph. “Live better, work union” is a timeless saying in the Labor Movement and our new contract proves how true this is.

Together, we win!

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Great news on fighting for strong wages and contracts! Can I make a request? Please stop wasting union resources on fighting USC developments like Rawlinson Stadium which the vast majority of the community supported. Why do you waste attorney’s fees on stuff like that?