This is the County of Ventura Headquarters (HQ) page for our 2022 bargaining campaign. This page will be updated as our campaign progresses.

Take the Bargaining Survey

We need your input on the 2022 SEIU 721 County of Ventura bargaining survey. With this input, our elected bargaining team can review our priorities and formulate bargaining proposals.

With your input and participation, we can negotiate the best possible contract for our future.

Please take a moment to fill out this bargaining survey and let us know what you think are the most important priorities this year.

Here is our new Bargaining Team.

Clerical/Admin (PC)
• Ivon Gutierrez, Office Assistant IV (HCA)
• Cecilia Hernandez-Garcia, Accounting Assistant II (HSA)
• Edwin Jacob, Coder-Certified (HCA)
• Margarita Magallanes, Medical Office Assistant IV (HCA)

Maintenance and Labor (PLM)
• Anthony Santiago, Public Works Maint Worker II (PWA)

Professional (PRF)
• Felipa Lopez, HS Client Benefit Spec III (HSA)
• Toni O’Neil, HS Client Benefit Spec III (HSA)
• Grace Sepulveda, HS Client Benefit Spec III (HSA)
• Erika Villa, Public Defender Investigator II (Public Defender)

Technical (PT)
• Rene Espinoza, Nursing Assistant II (HCA)
• Brandon Miller, Public Safety Dispatcher II (VC Fire)
• Jamie Williams, Mental Hlth Associate (HCA)
• Maria Zavala, Mental Hlth Associate (HCA)

Social Workers (PSS)
• David Vahidi, HS Child Welfare Soc Wrkr III (HSA)

Supervisors (PSUP)
• Thomas Adelman, Principal Respiratory Therapist (HCA)
• Rebecca Albarran, HS Client Benefit Supervisor (HSA)

Member Tools

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*Sign up to become part of the Contract Action Team

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Build Union Strength in Ventura County

The beginning of a bargaining campaign is a great time to strengthen
our union by bringing in new members.
If a co-worker asks how he/she can join the union,
send them to the SEIU 721 Welcome page.

Tri-Counties County of Ventura SEIU 721 staff

Regional Director Danny Carrillo
Regional Coordinator Edwin Valdez
Chief Negotiator, Aram Agdaian
Worksite Organizers: Lupe Montaño, Monica Martinez, Revi Levi,
Esmeralda Reynoso, Annette Nino
Communications Specialist: Jesse Luna