Pay raises approved for Ventura city staff

Ventura County Star

The council also approved letters of agreement that allow staff in the maintenance association and the Service Employees International Union, Local 721, to cash out vacation time earlier in the year. The SEIU represents employees in facilities, public service, and parks and recreation.

CA Assembly Democrats’ Budget Plan Aims to Rebuild ,Decimated Local Public Health Infrastructure


“SEIU members have been warning for years that California wasn’t investing enough in public health and that skimping on these crucial services would leave communities of color most vulnerable. After the last year’s devastation, there is no question that a strong public health workforce makes a difference when lives are on the line,” said Bob Schoonover, President of SEIU California and Executive Director of SEIU Local 721.

Victoria para los trabajadores de salud en Watts

La Opinion

Decenas de trabajadores de la salud del Watts Healthcare Center, en el sur centro de Los Ángeles, celebraron el triunfo que obtuvieron para los miembros afiliados al Sindicato Internacional de Empleados de Servicios (SEIU) Local 721.

Terminal at Port of LA Impacted by Truck Driver Strike

Ch. 4 News

“We showed today that there is power in our union and in our solidarity as working people. We are enormously grateful that our brothers and sisters from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the Mobile Workers Alliance, SEIU 721 and ILWU Local 13 joined us today to support port truck drivers on strike to demand their union and their basic rights as employees.”

Letter: Echo Park’s encampment wasn’t the hazard it was made it out to be

Los Angeles Times

As a Los Angeles resident, an L.A. County worker and an SEIU Local 721 member, I am appalled that public resources have been used to build fences, close a public park and criminalize the unhoused community and activists at Echo Park Lake, instead of using public resources to immediately build permanent, public housing with supportive services based on what unhoused residents actually want.

Queremos que paren las detenciones de menores

La Opinion

Felipe Cáceres, organizador de la manifestación y del sindicato SEIU 721, dijo que el presidente Biden ha hecho muy buen trabajo en sus primeros 50 días en apoyo a los inmigrantes.