Across the country, essential workers are on strike for Black lives


“Across the country, people are gaining a new understanding that it is impossible to win economic justice without racial justice. That health care for all, fair immigration policies, and bold action on climate change all require racial justice,” said Mary Kay Henry, president of SEIU.

SEIU endorses Biden, boosting Democrat’s 2020 ground game


The Service Employees International Union, which represents 2 million workers in health care, property services and the public sector, announced Thursday that it will throw its grassroots organizing power behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential campaign.

L.A.’s homeless agency faces calls to dissolve ties with police

Los Angeles Times

Some want police to play “a very distant role when homeless encampments are being cleaned up so that police presence doesn’t result in elevated tensions with the unhoused population,” SEIU 721 president Bob Schoonover, whose union represents LAHSA workers, said in a written statement, “while other LAHSA members have expressed the need to have police nearby to help them deal with those specific situations where weapons may pose a danger.”