The more than 60,000 LA County members of SEIU 721 comprise the backbone of public services for nearly 11 million people. We handle myriad responsibilities in healthcare, social services, sanitation, child support services, parks and recreation, libraries and so much more. Never forget: At LA County, we are the safety net. As we courageously manage the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic, we can get from our union the latest COVID-19 updates for LA County members here.
Nurses and Healthcare workers can find additional resources here.
Remind the LA County CEO: “We Deserve Heroes Pay for All!” - The new fiscal year may not start until July 1, 2021. But already, Fesia Davenport – the LA County’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – is putting the finishing touches on her proposed county budget. We cannot leave anything to chance. We must remind the CEO who kept LA County together … Read More
Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Win Big Victory on Hospital Safety Standards - For too long, nurses have been asked to provide patients with high-quality care amidst dangerously low staffing levels. Never has this fact been illustrated more vividly than during the COVID-19 pandemic, as ERs have run out of beds and hospitals have been overrun with novel coronavirus cases. But there is … Read More
LA County members: Our voices have been heard! CEO issues Emergency Telework Directive -   Earlier this week, in response to the terrible spike in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover sent an urgent letter to all five LA County Supervisors calling for immediate action to allow more employees to work safely from home. Thousands of SEIU 721 members added … Read More
Union Conducts Health and Safety Walk-Throughs at LA County CSSD Division Sites - Union members working in the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department have rightfully insisted that the department provide a safe working environment by following all COVID-19 protocols during this pandemic. Their concerns prompted our union to conduct an independent Health and Safety Walk-Through at all CSSD worksites. Here’s what … Read More
Tell the LA County Board of Supervisors: Protect your workers and the public we serve! - Even though LA County’s COVID-19 contagion rates are surging again, numerous LA County department heads are already directing employees to return to work on-site. It’s outrageous! So at today’s official meeting of the LA County Board of Supervisors, our union delivered official correspondence demanding that – until vaccinations are widely … Read More
Victory on COVID-19 Break Rooms in North LA County Regional Center - Oftentimes, it’s workers on the frontline who identify the best solutions to job site challenges. That was proven true recently at the North LA County Regional Center, where COVID-19 prevention measures went from draconian to common sense because our members stood together and demanded it through our union. Management at … Read More
COVID-19 Testing, Webinar and Flu Vaccinations for LA County members with Kaiser coverage - The holidays are around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic is still here. It’s more vital than ever to protect our health – and for LA County members of our union with Kaiser Permanente coverage, there are new opportunities we won’t want to miss. On Wednesday, October 28, Kaiser Permanente … Read More
Want to save our jobs? Help us get dollars from DC - We’re going to face mass unemployment if we do not compel Congress to pass a strong HEROES Act that bails out state and local governments to avoid layoffs and budget cuts. That’s the bottom line. Congress already bailed out the richest of the rich months ago with $5 trillion in taxpayer … Read More
“We need more PPE!” – LA County DPH, it’s time to make our demand. Sign the petition! - We’re living in the new epicenter of the national COVID-19 pandemic but you wouldn’t know it given the lack of basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we’re enduring on the frontlines at the LA County Department of Public Health. It’s been more than three months since California’s first COVID-19 shutdown yet … Read More
Remind your network – call the Child Protection Hotline if you suspect abuse or neglect - During the COVID-19 pandemic, calls to the LA County Child Protection Hotline have dropped by as much as 50 percent. This is very concerning. An astonishingly massive decrease in calls by half, virtually overnight, due to a commensurate drop in abuse defies credulity. It’s far more likely that calls aren’t … Read More