The more than 60,000 LA County members of SEIU 721 comprise the backbone of public services for nearly 11 million people. We handle myriad responsibilities in healthcare, social services, sanitation, child support services, parks and recreation, libraries and so much more. Never forget: At LA County, we are the safety net. As we courageously manage the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic, we can get from our union the latest COVID-19 updates for LA County members here.
Nurses and Healthcare workers can find additional resources here.
COVID-19 Testing, Webinar and Flu Vaccinations for LA County members with Kaiser coverage - The holidays are around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic is still here. It’s more vital than ever to protect our health – and for LA County members of our union with Kaiser Permanente coverage, there are new opportunities we won’t want to miss. On Wednesday, October 28, Kaiser Permanente … Read More
Want to save our jobs? Help us get dollars from DC - We’re going to face mass unemployment if we do not compel Congress to pass a strong HEROES Act that bails out state and local governments to avoid layoffs and budget cuts. That’s the bottom line. Congress already bailed out the richest of the rich months ago with $5 trillion in taxpayer … Read More
“We need more PPE!” – LA County DPH, it’s time to make our demand. Sign the petition! - We’re living in the new epicenter of the national COVID-19 pandemic but you wouldn’t know it given the lack of basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we’re enduring on the frontlines at the LA County Department of Public Health. It’s been more than three months since California’s first COVID-19 shutdown yet … Read More
Remind your network – call the Child Protection Hotline if you suspect abuse or neglect - During the COVID-19 pandemic, calls to the LA County Child Protection Hotline have dropped by as much as 50 percent. This is very concerning. An astonishingly massive decrease in calls by half, virtually overnight, due to a commensurate drop in abuse defies credulity. It’s far more likely that calls aren’t … Read More
LA County – Together, We Will Stop the Layoffs! - Together, We Will Stop the Layoffs! Yesterday, CEO Sachi Hamai reported that “the budget that will go before the Board of Supervisors on June 29 will include not only cuts in programs, but also potential layoffs of County staff.”  The threat of layoffs in LA County is the result of a … Read More
Support the Heroes Act! - Furloughs and Layoffs in LA County?! We Can STOP Them by Getting Congress to Pass the Heroes Act!   Q & A on LA County Budget Crisis   Q:     Why is LA County CEO Sachi Hamai talking about furloughs and layoffs? A:        The COVID Emergency resulted in closed businesses in LA County and … Read More
You’re Invited: #ProtectAllWorkers Virtual Town Hall - In every corner of California, and across the country, vital frontline workers have been keeping our communities safe and healthy and our economy moving during the coronavirus crisis. But while we sacrifice, day in and day out, Congress and the White House have been busy doling out billions to massive … Read More
Some Help from the CEO on Paid Leave Programs! - On Thursday, April 23, LA County’s Chief Executive Officer sent a letter to all Department Heads and Department Human Resources Managers with further guidance on the implementation of the COVID-19 Paid Leave programs. The letter can be found here. Here are the highlights:   All Departments are expected to begin to … Read More
Now you can watch the ‘Virtual Town Hall’ for LA County’s DCFS and DPSS - We recently joined Sup. Hilda Solis to co-host a Virtual Town Hall for SEIU 721 members working throughout LA County’s DCFS and DPSS. If you weren’t able to watch it then, you can now! To view the full, one-hour FULLY UNEDITED Virtual Town Hall, click here. To view the 20-minute … Read More
L.A. County’s Expanded Employee Assistance Program and Resources - SEIU 721 members are leading the charge at making our workplaces safe for LA County workers and for the clients we serve during this COVID-19 pandemic. In that same spirit, to meet the needs of the moment, the County just launched several new resources designed to support County workers. The … Read More