Media Advisory for Tues., Jan. 11, 2022 – LA County’s Nurses to Confront Board of Supervisors for Forcing COVID-Positive Healthcare Workers Back to Work in County Hospitals Without Isolation

Nurses who have put their lives on the line to keep Los Angeles County functional throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will hold a press conference Tuesday at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration to sound the alarm on LA County’s decision to force Covid-positive healthcare workers back to work without testing or isolation periods.

Media Advisory for Tues., Dec. 21, 2021 — LA County Essential Workers to Join Santa Claus and His Reindeer for Christmas Tree Delivery to Board of Supervisors with Special Message in Holiday Lights: ‘Frontline Workers Demand Respect, Care, and Compassion’

While LA County’s 11 Million Residents Brace for a Winter COVID Surge, Essential Frontline Workers Are Once Again Being Asked to Do More With Less – As Staff Shortage is Reported at County Hospitals and Elsewhere, Board of Supervisors Will Be Asked to Better Respect the Remaining Workforce and the … Read More

Media Advisory for Wed., Dec. 15, 2021 — App-Based Workers to Host Self-Defense Training, Mutual-Aid RV Outside Uber Hub in Central LA Amid Calls for Better Safety Measures, Other Supports From Gig Companies

After Recent Reported Spike in Crime Against Gig Workers, LA-Area Drivers to Speak Out Against Companies Like Uber and Lyft for Offering Little Support to Those Who Face Threats, Harassment, and Assault on the Job; Drivers to Call for Companies, Local Governments, and Other Entities to Offer “Support Hubs” LOS … Read More

Media Advisory for Wed., Sept. 29, 2021 — 100s of Essential Union Workers to Descend on LA County DPSS HQ to Demand a More Human Approach to Client Service

Chanting slogans such as “More Care, Less Stress in DPSS” and “Don’t Crush our Human Touch,” the workers who reliably ensure that tens of thousands of Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable people remain connected to critical social services such as food, emergency housing, healthcare and counseling – including during the pandemic, when such services are so direly needed – will demand a halt to recent policies that dehumanize client care.

Media Advisory for Mon., June 28, 2021 — LA County’s Essential Worker Heroes to Confront Board of Supervisors for Failing Workforce Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

The workforce that put their lives on the line to keep Los Angeles County functional throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic will hold a press conference Monday to demand answers from the Board of Supervisors for their inadequate response to the COVID-19 pandemic – including lack of protective and telework equipment for the county’s frontline employees as well as paltry compensation being offered to a workforce that, just months ago, elected officials and top county managers hailed as “heroes.”

Media Advisory for Tues., June 15, 2021 – Rideshare Drivers Across California to Hold “State of the Gig Economy” Address with State Lawmakers As Gig Companies Flail Toward Uncertain Future

On the heels of reports of rampant tax evasion, rising costs and worker shortages, repeal of driver-friendly featuresand attempts to export the failed promises of Prop 22 across the country,California drivers and elected officials will lift the veil on current working conditions for gig workers in advance of Lyft’s annual … Read More

Media Advisory for Tues., May 25, 2021 — As Uber Re-Opens Physical Presences in SF and LA, Gig Workers Are Set to Rally Against the Broken Promises of Prop 22

As pandemic restrictions loosen, drivers who bore the brunt of pandemic healthcare impacts to rally at new Uber offices. Recent data spotlights the precarious situation drivers find themselves in, as 86% of surveyed workers find themselves ineligible for healthcare stipend and 29% of surveyed workers report having no health insurance at all.

Media Advisory for Thurs., Apr. 29, 2021 — CA Gig Economy Workers to Blow Whistle on Broken Prop 22 Healthcare Promises; Survey Shows 86% Ineligible

86% of Drivers Surveyed Likely to be Deemed Ineligible for Promised Prop 22 Health Stipend; Drivers Report Barriers, Mass Confusion Over Process and Inadequate Explanation from Gig Companies CALIFORNIA – Rideshare and delivery drivers will be exposing the broken promises of Prop 22, using survey data collected from more than 500 California gig workers in a virtual … Read More