Community Coalition Join SEIU 721 Workers to Save Clínica Romero


Over 200 members from a community coalition of patients, workers and health care activists marched with SEIU 721 workers to save Clínica Romero.


The community coalition marched on the office of Clinic Board President Carlos Vaquerano to demand he step aside for new leadership. They are holding Vaquerano accountable for the failures of his leadership which has put the health of the clinic in critical condition. Many fear the health care provider may close its doors in September as Vaquerano moves the clinic closer to the brink of collapse.


Roberto Corea Clinica Romero 80x80.jpg“The current leadership has failed to act to reverse the financial crisis they created,” said Roberto Corea, coalition member and former Clinic Board Member.  “We are here, at the headquarters of SALEF, which is run by Clinica Board President Carlos Vaquerano, to hold him accountable for the crisis our clinic is facing.”


Whether Clínica Romero will be able to continue serving the community beyond September is in doubt as an exodus of doctors and other service providers have fled the once proud clinic.   Under Vaquerano’s oversight, the clinic has seen its finances erode as a result of mismanagement, wasteful spending and his refusal to create a financial stabilization plan. Vaquerano is insulating himself from patients and community leaders calling for greater transparency into clinic operations by removing his critics from the Clinic Board.


Linda Dent Clinica Romero 80x80.jpg“Clínica Romero is losing providers and key leadership positions because the Clinic Board continues to attack workers, stewards and activists,” said SEIU 721 Vice President Linda Dent. “Let’s be clear, the dedicated workers at the clinic are professionally serving patients in spite of the mismanagement and threats of retaliation for voicing their concerns.  We are here to support you.”


The Founders Committee to Save Clínica Romero (FCSCR) issued a report entitled, “Clínica Romero in Critical Condition” detailing the mismanagement at Clínica Romero during Vaquerano’s tenure as President of the Clínica Board of Directors. The FCSCR also delivered first-aid kits to the community, which is in dire need of access to vital health services.


Daniel Guzman Clinica Romero 80x80.jpg“Our community depends on Clínica Romero for vital health services,” said Danial Guzman, a clinic patient and coalition member.  “We are calling on Mr. Vaquerano to step aside because his failed leadership has put the health of our clinic at great risk.”


The community was asked to call Vaquerano at the SALEF office to demand that he step aside to allow new leadership to rescue the clinic.



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