April 17 – Tax Day Rally for the 99%

The wealthiest 1% aren’t paying their fair share in taxes.
April 17 is tax day for people like Local 721 members. But for people like Mitt Romney and companies like Wells Fargo and General Electric, it’s never tax day. Mitt Romney pays less in taxes than his secretary. Last year, General Electric paid no taxes at all. In fact, GE got a refund!
Rally for the 99%
April 17, 2012 – 4:30PM
Pershing Square – Downtown Los Angeles
Let us know you’ll be there.
Next Tuesday, the top 1% won’t be paying their taxes – they’ll be going on with their fun and games. So let’s have a little fun of our own. We’ll play dodge ball with the “Tax Dodgers” and let the 1% know that it’s time they pay their fair share.
Our community is suffering and our jobs are at risk because Wall Street greed destroyed our economy and wiped out revenues for public services. That’s why SEIU 721 members have been working hard to get signatures for the Governor’s New Revenue Plan, which will increase state revenue by $8 billion a year and guarantee funding for public services.
Haven’t signed the petition to get the tax plan on the ballot yet? Sign it on April 17 at Pershing Square.
We can’t afford to let the 1% continue not to pay their fair share. Will you stand up on April 17 and say enough is enough?

To download a flyer, click here.

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  1. There’ll be free parking and a shuttle leaving from the union hall at 4pm.

    you can park at the Pershing Square underground structure for $7 if you park after 5pm
    Central Parking System
    624 South Grand Ave
    Los Angeles 90017
    parking is $5 after 3pm (its a 6 min or 15 of a mile walk to the square)
    Dont forget to sign up in front of the big purple SEIU sign so we know you came!