City of Oxnard Members Demand a Fair Contract

City of Oxnard SEIU Local 721 members came out in force to the Oxnard City Council meeting on May 15, 2012. Members Jim Nelson, Torch Rivera, and Worksite Organizer/Chief Negotiator Danny Carrillo spoke during public comment to press for a fair contract.

“I l
ove my job here and I love working for the city. I hope to retire from here some day

. What I don’t love is the feeling of being treated differently.”
-SEIU Local 721 member Jim Nelson commenting at the Oxnard City Council meeting.

What Happened in Last Week’s Bargaining Session?

At the bargaining session that occurred on May 17, both sides focused on salary increases and when those increases would be retroactive to.
city-of-oxnard-outside-group.jpgSEIU 721 members at the May 15 Oxnard City Council meeting
“All we’ve been asking for this whole time is fairness, respect, and equity.”
-Armida Monares, City of Oxnard bargaining team member

Next Steps

  • The City of Oxnard bargaining team will meet to consider all options.

Contact Worksite Organizer/Chief Negotiator Danny Carrillo at (805) 650-4423 or by email at if you have any questions.