Stewards: Steward Certification Phase II Has Begun

You will earn the respect of your fellow workers by enforcing our hard-won contracts. As a Union Steward you can be proud of your role in defending valuable public services against politicians who are determined to dismantle them. It is an honor to be a leader in one of the largest and most effective local unions in the country, SEIU Local 721, covering Los Angeles/Orange, Inland Area and Tri-Counties Regions.
We are glad you have decided to join the ranks of SEIU Local 721’s Stewards, and we look forward to working more closely with you to organize a better future for workers.
Below are links to a copy of the phase two certification letter and survey.
Please complete the survey and send it to Rashina Young via fax at (213) 380 – 8040. You can also mail in your survey:

Attn: Rashina Young
1545 Wilshire Blvd.
 Los Angeles, CA 90017

Downloadable Forms:

SEIU 7211 Steward Certification Letter – Phase II

SEIU 721 Steward Self Assessment Survey

Steward Certification Process and  Acknowledgement Request Form

SEIU 721 Steward Article in Bylaws (Article 12-Section A) 

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