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Over the past three months, over 500 SEIU 721 members fanned out across California and the country, urging people to re-elect President Obama, vote yes on Prop 30, vote no on Prop 32 and elect candidates across our region who support workers.
You made thousands of phone calls, talked to thousands of voters personally, rode buses to Nevada and engaged voters in Colorado. And on election day, your work paid off!
President Obama won
Senator Feinstein won
We won a super majority in both the State Assembly and Senate.
We beat Prop. 32 and passed 30 (7/8 Propositions that SEIU 721 members took positions on went our way)
We won 14 of the 17 Congressional Seats we endorsed
We won all 6 of the State Senate Seats we endorsed
We won 19 of the 24 (possibly a 20th but it’s too close to call at this point)
We won 15/24 local races and 4 are still too close to be determined
Download the Election 2012 Results and Highlights.
Watch a slideshow of member volunteers below.
Be proud, SEIU 721! And keep up the hard work.


Below are semi-official results in targeted races as of Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. We will update this page as more information becomes available.Meanwhile, you can find other election results on the Los Angeles Times election page.

CD 26 Julia Brownley is winning
CD 30 Howard Berman is losing
CD 36 Dr. Raul Ruiz is winning
CD 41 Mark Takano is winning
CD 44 Janice Hahn is winning
SD 19 Hannah-Beth Jackson is winning
SD 27 Fran Pavley is winning
SD 31 Richard Roth is winning
AD 49 Ed Chau is winning
AD 59 Reggie Jones-Sawyer is winning
AD 61 Jose Medina is winning
LA County DA Jackie Lacey is winning
El Monte City Yes on Measure H (beverage tax) is losing
Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey is winning
Eastville City Council Jeff De Grandpre is winning
Perris City Council
Rita Rogers is winning
San Jacinto City Council Mark Bartel is winning, Andrew Kotyuk is winning, Andy Seitl is losing

Santa Ana Mayor David Benavides is losing
Santa Ana City Council Vincent Sarmiento is winning, Eric Alderete is losing, Roman Reyna is winning
Santa Ana City Yes on Measure GG (term limits) is winning
Ventura Supervisor 1 Steve Bennett is winning
Oxnard Mayor Carmen Ramirez is losing
Oxnard City Council Bryan MacDonald is winning, Bert Perello is losing
Santa Paula City Council Martin Hernandez is winning
Simi Valley City Council Steve Sojka is winning, Randy Nemecek is losing
Oxnard HS District Steven Hall is winning
Casitas Muni Water 3 Pete Kaiser is winning
Casitas Muni Water 5 Russ Baggerly is winning
Santa Maria City Council Terri Zuniga is losing

Members Spoke Out and Took Action
SEIU 721 Final Endorsements for November Election
LA County Board of Supervisors Endorse Yes on 30 and No on 32
Rally for Resolution – Yes on 30, No on 32
Vote No on Proposition 32. It’s not what it seems.
New Revenue for County Services Begins with Passing Proposition 30
Teach-In Exposes Billionaire Behind Anti-Prop. 30 Campaign

In the News

Follow this link to the most recent stories about propositions 30 and 32.


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