Inland Area Candidates

Enrique J. Barboza (1SLT 1VSN)
Hello fellow Brothers and Sisters, my name is Enrique J. Barboza. I’m currently the Second Vice-President for the City of Riverside and an active Steward.
I know that with my critical decision making experience, I will be a great leader for the members. I always make my decisions putting the member’s best interest first. I truly believe the times have changed and it’s time to move forward. I’d be honored to represent the members of SEIU721. Thank you,Enrique J. Barboza
Tim Burke (721 M1st)

During the last three years, the 721 Members First team has worked hard to form a solid foundation on which we can continue to build an even stronger union and we ask proudly for your continued support.We have ensured every member of the region has the opportunity to have their voices heard — whether you work for a large employer like Riverside County or a smaller one such as a city or water district, the 721 Members First team is able to fight for a better future for all of our members and their families.
Barbara Cayon (721 M1st)
As a Registered Nurse and a Board member from the Inland Region, I am proud of our accomplishments in the past three years. Our Inland Region board members have worked together as a cohesive unit to promote and support our members’ interests through strategic planning, development, and advocacy at the regional, state and national level.   We gained raises, protected pensions, supported worker friendly politicians, and secured a new building , all to better serve our fellow members. 
I ask for your support for our 721 Members First team to continue winning for you.  Learn more at 721 Members
Marlo Clemons (1SLT 1VSN)
I am Marlo Clemons, a Registered Nurse at RCRMC. I have worked in the ER, on the SART team and in Labor and Delivery. I got involved in Joint Labor Management and the Bargaining Team because it was a way to take the REAL ISSUES that county employees face to the table, where change should be taking place. 1Slate 1Vision will fight for change; will do what is right and fair! Together we can make positive changes! Vote for new leadership of our Union, so that your voice can truly be heard!
Anastasia Dilberakis (1SLT 1VSN)
My background is in the communications field and as a result I am amazed at the lack of communication and transparency this Union currently displays. The arrogance of this regime is disrespectful to its members. Those at the helm have lost sight of what the goals should be and who they serve (who pays your salary?). The most basic questions continue to remain unanswered (where will the new Union office be for the desert?). I think it’s time we return this Union to the members. I encourage you to vote for change!
Cammie Dudek (721 M1st)
I have been an SEIU member for over 12 years. I became actively involved as a Steward because I wanted to help my co-workers fight for equality and fairness. I believe it’s important to ensure all of our members have a strong and united voice in the workplace. As a Victim Witness Advocate, I work hard to defend and empower people who have been wrongly victimized or taken advantage of. I help them find the resources necessary to move forward and take back control of their lives. Please vote for me and for the entire 721 Members First team!
Rick Gay (1SLT 1VSN)
Dear SEIU 721 Brothers and Sisters,Hi I’m Rick Gay an Accounting Technician for Riverside County, SEIU 721 Steward, Contract Negotiator, Regional Council and Co-Chair, Riverside County Leadership Council.I am running for the E-Board for a variety of reasons. I want to insure that all members have access to fair representation and that all Stewards receive ongoing training.  We need to put an immediate end to the secret, back door deals that serve the few. Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Equality for all members.   Vote for 1Slate1Vision 1SLT 1VSN. We pledge to work for our CURRENT members. 
Dolores Gonzalez, RN (1SLT 1VSN)

My name is Dolores Gonzalez; I work for the County of Riverside. I have been a Registered Nurse for 13+ years. I am active in SEIU721 as a steward, Joint Labor/Management Committee and Bargaining teams. I will develop effective lines of communication amongst members and remind them of the vital work they do. It is imperative we collaborate with management to bring about safety, commitment, and most of all compassion in serving our customers with the highest level of integrity and respect. VOTE FOR “1SLT1VSN” TO ACHIEVE THE CHANGE OUR UNION NEEDS – TAKE YOUR POWERFUL VOICE BACK! 

Bill Notte (721 M1st)

I am proud to serve the Inland Area members of SEIU 721 on the Executive Board and that’s why I’m respectfully requesting your continued support for the 721 Members First team. We have a proven record of working together to achieve our goals including a safe and healthy work environment, proper hours, wages, working conditions and the ability to retire with dignity for all our members. I will continue to be a strong voice for our members in the smaller cities and districts while working hard to ensure we win against any obstacle. Learn more at 721 Members
Jennie Pauli (1SLT 1VSN)
Dear SEIU 721 members;My name is Jennie Pauli and I’ve worked for the City of Riverside for 16 years and currently work for the Police Department. I have been a Steward for 8 years and seen a lot of changes and instability within our union. I am running for the E-board with 1 Slate 1 Vision because we share the same belief the Union should be member driven and hold the Union accountable to its members. Please vote for me and my slate and we promise to be there for you.
Glenn Sanders (721 M1st)
As the Chair of the Inland Area Stewards Council, I have worked hard to improve the representational services provided to our members across the region. I’m proud of the work that we’ve done with the support of the membership and as a member of the first SEIU 721 Executive Board.  I look forward to focusing on our shared vision of a member-driven Union by offering even more training opportunities for our member leaders to enhance their professional and personal lives. I respectfully ask for your vote for me and all the members of the 721 Members First team.
Wendy Thomas (721 M1st)
It’s been my honor to serve as your first elected Regional Vice President. For the last three years, we worked hard to establish a strong foundation for growth in the Inland Area. We took an active role in electing pro-labor champions into key leadership positions. We established our new home at the 60/215 interchange which allows us to provide better services and training to our members. Our work has just begun though and I need your VOTE for 721 MEMBERS FIRST (721M1st) to lead the way as we face challenges to win pay parity and improvements in retiree medical benefits.
Ed Toole (721 M1st)
My name is Ed Toole and I am asking you to vote for me and the 721 Members First team for re-election to the board of SEIU 721.  With your vote, I will continue to focus on the education and empowerment of our members and leaders. We must never lose sight that our strength and survival as a Union comes from our members. Through their education and active participation, we can continue to build SEIU 721 up as a powerful union capable of standing up for every member in every city, district, and county — in solidarity!
David Warpness (721 M1st)
My name is David Warpness & I’ve worked for Children’s Services in Riverside County for 5 years and become a Union activist. It is my goal as a board member to help strengthen our member participation as a whole, especially in the Desert Region, not only when we are in negotiations, but in our everyday activities too, so future work actions may be avoided leading to work environments that are less stressful and more rewarding for all members.   I ask for your vote for me and for the 721 Members First team.
Kristina Zaragoza (1SLT 1VSN)
My name is Kristina Zaragoza. I am a Supervising Fraud Investigator with the County of Riverside. I participate in the following: Steward Council, Riverside County Leadership Council, Grievance Review Committee, Fight for a Fair Economy, political campaigns. I believe when you disagree, you must seek to understand. My purpose in running for the E-Board is: 1) Restoring Integrity, Trust, Transparency 2) Improving Representation 3) Develop positive, lasting relationships with local businesses, community leaders, elected officials and other union leaders to strengthen the environment for all working families. 1SLT1VSN will bring Integrity and Ethics back to SEIU!
Key to Slates: “721M” = 721 Members (LA County only); “721 MDU” = 721 Member Driven Union; “721 M1st” = 721 Members First; “1SLT 1VSN” = 1 Slate 1 Vision (Inland Region only). Candidates without a designation do not belong to a slate. 
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