Over 1,000 People in Need Treated at Riverside Health Fair

lulac_health_fair_2014_jb_53_595px.jpgSEIU 721 Riverside City chapter member Sammie Farias-Luna, center, demonstrates how to use a stretchy band for participants at Saturday’s health fair.

More than 1,000 Inland Area residents came to 3rd Annual LULAC Community Health Fair on Saturday, Feb. 22, many of them seeking relief from chronic pain. For those who arrived early they received free dental care, medical check-ups, vision and hearing tests and other services that they couldn’t normally pay for.

SEIU 721 members handed out stretchy bands and worker rights posters, along with answering any questions that community members had. While organizers said that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has made some progress in providing health care for many people, there are still plenty in our community that fall through the cracks.

lulac_health_fair_2014_01_180p.jpg“This is the second year SEIU 721 has partnered with LULAC to sponsor the annual Community Health Fair. Not only do our members provide vital health services, but we also live and work here. We have an interest in our community’s welfare. The seniors that came by really enjoyed receiving the stretchy bands we were giving out and we were able to remind folks of the workplace rights unions fight for.”   – Cammie Dudek, Riverside County Victim Services Advocate and Inland Region Executive Board member

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