Whittier College Adjuncts Win First Union Contract

Congratulations to SEIU Local 721 Adjuncts at Whittier College who just ratified their first union contract!

Highlights of the three-year term contract:
• Increase in Pay – Pay goes from $1150/credit hour to $1300/credit hour in Fall 2015, $1450 in Fall 2016, and $1550/credit hour in Fall 2016
(This means 3-credit course pay goes from $3450 to $4650 over the life of the agreement4-credit course pay goes from $4600 to $6200.)
• Course Cancellation Fee – $300 for courses canceled within 21 days of 1st class plus prorated pay for any classes actually taught
• One-year appointments for faculty starting with their 2nd year of service (previously one semester appointments)
• Protections on reappointment and evaluation
• “Just cause” standard for discipline and dismissal during term of appointment
• Professional Development Fund
• Labor Management Committee
• Union participation in orientation process
• Union rights