Social Workers Strengthen Our Families and Communities

SB_CO_SSP_web_combo_595px.jpgSocial workers help the most vulnerable people in our community. Each situation is challenging and life changing for those in need. SEIU 721 San Bernardino County Social Service Practitioners pride themselves in working with families and community agencies to prevent children from being injured or killed.

We are wired to help people. We work to prevent children from being injured. We show up every day with that hope and goal, yet we have too few resources and overwhelming caseloads. We must act now. –  Craig Altmire, 13 year San Bernardino County SSP

San Bernardino County Professionals recently joined SEIU Local 721, and have entered into bargaining with county management. High on bargaining priorities is to set up a Joint Labor Management Committee. Through the committee, concerns and solutions can be reached with input from those on the front line. Management has agreed.

Click here to download a flyer to support San Bernardino County Social Workers.

Take Action 

If you are an SSP interested in being on the JLMC, please contact SEIU 721 worksite organizer Dwane Devoe by email or call (213) 309-2978. You can also call the 721 Member Connection at (877)721-4YOU.