We Did It! We’re Fixing LA

MOU-18-LA-City-Rally-9-22-2015.jpgWE DID IT!  – We’re FIXing LA

LA City workers vote to ratify a winning contract! With a 94% YES vote SEIU 721 members overwhelmingly voted for a contract that protects good middle-class jobs and restores vital community services.

After more than a year of intensive bargaining, rallies, actions and going as far as being ready to strike and throw down, LA City workers finally have the fair contract we set out to get. Our alliance with our FIX LA partners proved to be a powerful game-changer.

Reasons to Celebrate:
√  We Beat Back Concessions and Protected Compensation
√  We Protected Healthcare and Workers’ Comp
√  We Won a Commitment for 5,000 New Hires
√  We Improved Pensions, Moving All Tier 2 Employees to Tier 1
√  We Won Key Unit Table Improvements
√  We Secured a Raise of At Least 4.75 Percent for Every Worker
√  We Got to $15 an Hour by Year 2017 for All City Workers and Increased Healthcare Benefits for Part-timers

We fought proactively for meaningful, equitable and fair solutions that benefit everyone – and we won!

Also remember MOU 18’s voting deadline was extended until MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28th in order to accommodate outstanding issues that have now been resolved. MOU 18 bargaining committee recommends a YES vote.

>>Download the flyer (PDF)

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  1. Hi Marlene, SEIU 721 is waiting for the final signed copies from LA City CAO’s office. We’ll post the final MOU’s as soon as we receive them. We’ll make sure to post a message on Facebook as well letting people know they are available.