City of Santa Paula Members Approve Tentative Agreement


SEIU 721 members in the City of Santa Paula voted by a large margin to approve the tentative agreement.

This was the second vote on a tentative agreement, members rejected the first one. After members spoke up before the last city council meeting closed session, the council assured them that they would set up a process to become more informed on future bargaining negotiations.

Members hope that this additional transparency within the city will help make negotiations more efficient and lead to better services for the community.

Members won a me-too clause so if any other city workers receive gains then members will also receive that gain.

The city council voted on Monday, Oct. 5 to adopt the tentative agreement.

SEIU 721 bargaining team members Natalie Segovia spoke at the Oct. 5 meeting.

Natalie-sharp.jpg“We continue to provide services to this community. Yet once again we are told that we have to wait to realize any true gains. Because we had more to lose than to gain, members reluctantly approved this tentative agreement.”

-Natalie Segovia, SEIU 721 bargaining team member, Accounting Technician City of Santa Paula.


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