Board of Supervisors Approves SEIU Contracts – A Note on Raises


On Tuesday, Dec. 8, the Board of Supervisors approved unit contracts for all SEIU Local 721 Los Angeles County bargaining unit members.

Also approved was a fringe benefits contract which covers SEIU 721’s  L.A. County, LACERA, and L.A. Superior Court  members.

The Board action instructed the Auditor Controller to make all necessary payroll changes. However, implementation of the new contract provisions and payroll changes requires changes to County Code, and all such changes require a second reading.

Therefore, the action item must appear again on the December 15th  Board of Supervisors agenda. Payroll changes cannot be made until after this second reading and approval. The first 3% raises, retroactive to October 1, will be reflected on the December 30 paychecks.