SEIU Local 721 Members Elect New Executive Board

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The newly elected executive board of SEIU Local 721 is responsible for representing the interests of its members, and manages the Local’s affairs including continuing the dynamic worker-led campaigns that have galvanized a pro-working family movement in Southern California.

“It is an honor to once again be given the opportunity to help lead our union in our efforts to raise up working families and strengthen the communities we serve,” said President Bob Schoonover who was re-elected to continue serving as the head of the Local’s governing body. “Our SEIU Local 721 members have chosen to stay on the winning path and with their votes they have demonstrated a strong commitment to a member led union. Congratulations to all the member leaders elected today, we have much work to do in our fight for good jobs and quality public services.”


Full list of elected member leaders:

Officers At large

Bob Schoonover (721 M1st)

Vice President
Linda Dent (721 M1st)

David Green (721 M1st)

Lillian Cabral (721 M1st)

LA County Region Executive Board Members

Lydia Cabral (721 M1st)
Carolyn Dasher (721 M1st)
Patrick Del Conte (721 M1st)
Valencia Garner (721 M1st)
Adolfo Granados (721 M1st)
Steve Hovagimian (721 M1st)
Arcelia Lopez (721 M1st)
Ron McMullen (721 M1st)
Alina Mendizabal (721 M1st)
Tony Mendoza (721 M1st)
Omar Perez (721 M1st)
Jose J. Sanchez (721 M1st)
Grace Santillano (721 M1st)
Vera Vassel (721 M1st)
Sharonda Wade (721 M1st)

Tri Counties Region Executive Board Members

Shannon Abramovitch  (721 M1st)
Roberto Camacho (721 M1st)
Rosa Castro (721 M1st)
Charles Harrington (721 M1st)
Pamela Meadows (721 M1st)
Liza Rocha (721 M1st)
Christina Singer (721 M1st)
Grace Sepulveda (721 M1st)

Inland Region Executive Board Members

Rebecca Bain (721 M1st)
Tim Burke (721 M1st)
Oracio Diaz (721 M1st)
Cammie Dudek (721 M1st)
Roger Nunez (721 M1st)
Corinne Parker (721 M1st)
Ed Toole (721 M1st)
David Warpness (721 M1st)

L.A. and OC Cities Region Executive Board Members

*Results are pending

An administrative error has resulted in a mandatory re-vote for this region.