MLK Outpatient Center CEO Calls for an end to bullying in the workplace!

On May 10th, the MLK OPC CEO sent out a memo subject titled “Harmony in the Workplace” to all staff just days after both LAC+USC CEO Dan Castillo and Harbor-UCLA CEO Kim McKenzie sent out their own communications at their respective facilities. The MLK OPC memo calls for staff to treat each other with respect, dignity, collegiality and kindness, and reiterates the negative impact bullying behavior has on patient care.  She states:

Our primary focus should always be patients first. But, we cannot properly care for our patients if we are not respectful toward one another. I know that we can do it.

The memo also arrives just one month after MLK OPC 721 members held a very successful unity break at the facility in anticipation of the April 27th reconvening with DHS Chief Dr. Mitch Katz.  The memo signals a step in the right direction and publicly acknowledges a crisis exists, but DHS frontline staff has been down this road before yet the problem never gets fixed.


That’s why 721 members are forming their own Bully Watch team at MLK OPC to keep the pressure on management to eradicate the bullying behavior at this site, and to demonstrate to bully managers at MLK that they will no longer be bullied.

The Bully Watch team at MLK OPC will be getting together on the week of May 31st.

Stay tuned.

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