City of Riverside Bargaining Update 7-25-2016

SEIU continues to fight hard to protect it’s member’s benefits at the bargaining table!

Join Our Next Meeting and Protect Your Future and the Future of Our City!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 • 5:30pm
SEIU 721 Union Hall
6177 River Crest Dr., Riverside

Work with us to stop city officials from taking your benefits and good paying jobs away! Riverside employees and residents have stood together against cuts to key services.

It’s time to stand together and fight for the good jobs needed to keep our city clean, safe and functioning!

For more information, or to join the Contract Action Team (CAT), contact SEIU 721 worksite organizer Eddie Sanchez at (213) 361-0233, via email at, or the 721 Membership Connection at (877) 721-4YOU.Download the Flyer Here!

City of Riverside Bargaining Update 2016-07-25.jpg