San Bernardino County Contract is Official – Now is the Time to Make Your Contract Work for You!

Two weeks ago SEIU Local 721’s San Bernardino County members voted 95% in favor of the negotiated tentative agreement, and on Tuesday, July 12th the San Bernardino County of Supervisors unanimously approved and finalized the contract.

Last week’s decisive vote by the Board of Supervisors puts a bookend to a yearlong battle with county management to bring a new 3-year contract to San Bernardino County Professionals.  The 3-year deal includes pay raises and restorations, greater medical and retirement benefits, additional bonuses and allowances, and a real investment in the public services San Bernardino Professionals provide.


The news officially begins a new chapter for the San Bernardino Professionals who voted in April of 2015 to break with their previous Association and become members of SEIU Local 721 to have greater power and voice to win at the bargaining table like they just did.  They set out to succeed for both members and the communities they represent, and these are some of the victories they accomplished in the contract:

•7% salary increases for all bargaining unit members on the following schedule:
Pay Increase                      Increase Date
 2% …………………………….. July 9, 2016
 2% …………………………….. July 22, 2017
 3% …………………………….. July 22, 2018

•7% retirement pick up, effective July 9, 2016

•2% longevity pay for members with 15 years of service, effective December 2016

•Shift differential increases:
— Evening: $1 increase to $1.20
— Nighttime: $1.30 increase to $1.70

•Increases in medical subsidies

•Vacation cash out of 60 hours if any employee uses 80 in previous year

•$1,000 retention bonus in 2019 for SSPs, Psychiatrists and other-high attrition classes

•$1,000 professional allowance in year 2 for all members in the unit

•Stronger grievance procedures.

The San Bernardino Professionals victory is a textbook example of how member driven leadership and determination can make a difference between a so-so contract, and a great contract that sets the stage for even bigger wins in 3 years. The Professionals took their future into their own hands when they broke away from their previous association and have demonstrated the fight for a better future was well worth it.

Now is the time to stay engaged in your union and ensure this strong contract is just the first step towards a better future. An active engagement in your union is key to a powerful voice on the job. Whether it’s a small workplace issue, or an agency wide policy that directly impacts your work, being an SEIU 721 members guarantees that you have the voice to create the changes needed.

Congratulations to our San Bernardino Professionals!

Download the Tentative Agreement