Escalation Up to and Including Authorization of a Strike in Riverside County

Riverside County continues to propose cuts on the backs of workers and residents because their poor-decision making has led to excessive revenue waste. 

They’ve squandered $119 million of our taxpayer money on sweetheart consulting contracts and atrocious Wall Street deals, and now they’re going after workers to make up the difference! 


While we negotiate a contract that protects our health, secures our jobs and lifts up our community, they’re hell-bent on bringing down frontline workers and the communities we serve.

That’s why Riverside County SEIU 721 members are casting their votes from April 19th to May 16th at worksites throughout the County and at the SEIU Local 721 Inland Region office to escalate the fight to win a contract that Raises Up Riverside County!

Where can I vote?
Voting Locations for Week of April 24th-April 30th (click)Voting Locations for Week of May 1st- May 7th (click)Voting Locations for Week of May 8th- May 14th (click)Voting locations for week of May 15th (click)

Times and locations subject to change. Please bookmark this page, and visit for updates, or call 951-571-7700 for more information.

What Exactly is the County Proposing?


Voting Highlights

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