L.A. County Sanitation District, BU 500, Blue Collar Victory!

The vote count is over and it’s official – an overwhelming majority of L.A. County Sanitation District, BU 500, Blue Collar members voted in favor of the new Tentative Agreement with cost of living increases, new certification/license pay, and new allowances and bonuses for work and wellness!

Members at Sanitation District sites throughout Los Angeles County participated in the voting process – from the Antelope Valley to the San Gabriel Valley all the way to the JWPCP in Carson!


Our Bargaining Team negotiated firmly for a fair contract that all members could proudly support. The TA provides at 3% COLA increase every year for five years. It also includes early STEP increases for new employees, binding arbitration, new certification/license pay, a new Boot Allowance, a new Wellness Bonus and a new Medical Opt-Out bonus.


Many thanks to Bargaining Team members Derek Holland, Eric Mitchell and Ruben Rios for their incredible work on this contract! And many thanks to the members of BU 500, Blue Collar for standing strong to protect members’ earnings and retirement. Together, we win!

San District protest -- the picnic -- cropped.jpg