Wage theft at Harbor-UCLA puts patients at risk! Take action to stop it!

Withholding already-earned Critical Care (Step Down Unit) pay is wage theft.

Our patients deserve better. Our workers deserve better. We all do.

Take Action

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Debora Guillmeno

I am also fighting to keep a county position. I was arrested on July 13th for medical fraud. The owner of the company did all of this without my knowing to the tune of eight hundred forty-five thousand dollars. I am hoping that the union will stand by me and allow me to come back to work with a misdemeanor and summary probation! I was not a county employee nor did I commit the crime

Debora Guillmeno

They deserve the raise simply because they are being of public service. One day the same people may have to work with the governments loved one! How quickly they forget it is the human race and our workers need to pay bills and be rewarded just like the military if you ask my opinion

Debora Guillmeno

Management, you would think the money is coming out of your pocket! News flash it is NOT!!! wake up people they deserve the bonus, the raises and anything else they can get for dealing with the public period!!

Tami Olenik

Where is the lawsuit. This is nothing new ?