Riverside County Injunction Lifted! We Will Not Be Silenced.

Since we first announced our ULP strike back in August, Riverside County, and its outside attorneys, The Zappia Law Firm, have done everything they can to prevent us from exercising our legally protected right to strike.

The day before the strike began, the County lobbied the court to enjoin more than 1,000 Riverside County workers – preventing them from striking. Enjoining that many workers is unheard of, but it just goes to show how desperate the County was to silence our voices!

On Tuesday, November 14 members prevailed. We had our day in court, and a Riverside County Superior Court Judge threw out the injunction!

Riverside County Supervisors Phone Jam

We’re winning, and we’re not stopping now. Today’s decision sends a clear message: it’s time for the County to stop their ruthless campaign to silence employee voices and drop their anti-worker attorneys, The Zappia Law Firm.

Add your voice today: call 951-955-1030 and tell the Board of Supervisors to fire Zappia

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Ron Rico

you guys need to follow the money. Landfills bring it in. Ask the supervisors will be at the lamb canyon landfill dec 7th