Congratulations Santa Barbara County – We Did It!

With an overwhelming YES vote, Santa Barbara County members won a strong three year contract that protects retirement security and provides additional wage increases.

  • 8% salary increases over the term of the contract*

The SEIU 721 Santa Barbara County Bargaining Team fought diligently to go from seeing management proposals with takeaways to winning a contract with additional salary increases that will help members keep up with the cost of living.

This is exactly why we need to stay #unionstrong and stick together. United we bargain, divided we beg. Greedy “Right to Work” forces are doing everything they can to rip away good union jobs, destroy the public sector and eliminate collective bargaining – and along with it, everything we’ve ever fought for. But we stood together to turn things around, and when we stand united, we win!

* Classic employees will contribute 2.5% over life of the contract in to their retirement cost.

Download the flyer

View the Tentative Agreement Summary.

Next Steps
The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to approve the MOU at an upcoming Board meeting (date TBD).

For questions, contact your worksite organizer, Wendy Lee Basgall at, (805) 561-8868 or Chief Negotiator Aram Agdaian at, (213) 494-8223.

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