Win Locked In: Board Approves Riverside County Contract

Last week, Riverside County members voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new contract with the County. This Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors made it official, voting 4-1 in favor of approving the deal, locking in our hard-fought wins over the imposed terms and conditions we’ve been operating under for more than a year. Supervisor Jeff Hewitt was the only supervisor opposed.

This has been a long fight, and it’s only through our strength and solidarity that we were able to hold off imposition as long as we did and reach a new long-term deal. However, the fight to raise up Riverside County doesn’t end here!

It’s vital that we stay Union Strong at our worksites and ensure that the terms of our contract are enforced, that we sign up new employees and that we lay the groundwork for bigger and better wins at the table by building our union strength every day.

When we fight, we win!

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Daniel Tommie

When does this actually take effect?


When does it take effect?


When do raises go into effect?

Kathleen Guest

If you read everything, you are getting -1% the first year. No raise and paying an additional 1%. So… in the first 2 years, there’s only a possibility of a 1% raise. This was a bad contract where the employees either lost money or got next to nothing.

Ida Medaglia Bach

When does the Riverside County New Contract start? Is it retro? Or starts at a future date?

Therese Vetrino

I am retired. Can I still view the contract?

Cynthia Allison

I have had many years of 2.71% due to being imposed upon. If not ratified we would have continued to be imposed upon. Some will lose the extra money from the stipend. What would you say to fellow employees who paid MORE for insurance (than via Calipers) so you can continue to receive the extra stipend? This was not a negotiated part of your compensation at time of hire. This is an extra little surprise bonus and as with all bonuses they can be stopped at any time. This is why changing to top of the pay scale is MORE… Read more »


Can’t see the big picture. This contract works for RNs, Top out employees and probably new employees not starting at the very bottom of their pay scale. What is 40 hours of vacation going to do for me? LIUNA had the same deal. I didn’t see any gain for me in this contract. SEIU Contract sucks period!


When does the 4% increase go into affect? How are future promotion increases calculated?