‘Fight for Frontline’ message heard far and wide in LA County … and beyond!

We are still euphoric about our thousands-strong “Fight for the Frontline”march and rally last week, which sent a clear message: We, the members of SEIU 721, are ready to fight and ready to strike!

The media picked up our message, spreading it far and wide throughout LA County and beyond.

In addition to the Los Angeles Times, we also got coverage on Ch. 5 News, Ch. 7 Eyewitness News, LAist, Courthouse Newsthe 2UrbanGirls blog and Los Angeles Magazine as well as KCRW 89.9 FM, Fox 11 News, Channels 2 and 9 News, KFI 640 AM and Ch. 4 News!

Our union reminded the Board of Supervisors: LA County got through the pandemic because of our blood, sweat and tears … and we are ready to take serious action.

We want a strong contract in 2022 that includes:

  • Compensation that fights inflation
  • Full healthcare coverage
  • Childcare and elder care assistance
  • No more privatization

When all is said and done, direct action gets the goods.

We shut down the Civic Center and held up traffic in a two-mile loop, showing everyone that we were meant business … and it worked.

After our Thursday march, the county backed down at the bargaining table.

Negotiators held off on submitting counter proposals, indicating instead that they wanted to go back to the Board of Supervisors for authorization to offer us more.

That’s a good sign. But we need to keep up the pressure.

So, stay connected with our union as more contract developments unfold. We’ll notify everyone by email, text and social media as we get updates – and we’ll use these same methods to reach out if we need to mobilize again.

For now, take pride in how strongly we held the line at last week’s “Fight for the Frontline.” SEIU 721 is #UnionStrong!

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Rae Apodaca

When do we go back to the table for further contact negotiations? Also is there a timeframe for this all to happen by?