Bargaining Update: Workers Take Over Supes and the Streets

In several actions over the past two weeks, Riverside County SEIU 721 members have been out in the community; taking over the Board of Supervisors meeting to tell their stories, delivering hundreds of small business support petitions to Supervisor Benoit’s office and marching with the community and other unions in support of the hard working families of Riverside County.
Riverside County SEIU 721 members flooded the Board of Supervisors meeting once again Nov. 8, 2011, to highlight how cuts to their wages and benefits will adversely affect their lives and the local economy. Members pulled speaker cards on 25 of 28 agenda items much to the frustration to Supervisor Bob Buster, who eventually opened up the agenda early to general comments.
Time and time again as members told the board their personal stories the ended saying:
“County management continues to disrespect public service workers with a lack of commitment to lead by example and by making bad faith demands that continue to erode our ability to securely provide for our families. Many of us are on the edge. We are facing foreclosures, mounting debts and struggling to feed our children. We ask you to continue to bargain in good faith and offer a contract that is fair to the hard working public employees of Riverside County so we can continue to provide the quality public services that our community deserves.”
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Later in the week, Riverside County SEIU 721 members in the desert made an office visit to Supervisor John Benoit’s Palm Desert office to deliver over 150 small business petitions in support of county workers and over 800 petitions that registered nurses have signed in support of the nurse bargaining unit’s side table.
Click to view video: Union Workers Hand Benoit Petitions
United for Our Future – Community Vigil and March
Hundreds of SEIU 721 members, along with LIUNA 777, clergy and community groups, gathered for a candlelight vigil and march Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011, and marched to the County Administrative Center in support of the fight for a fair contract. News was just breaking that the County declared that they were at impasse with the SEIU 721 Riverside County bargaining team. Shouts of support for the workers filled the night sky in front of the CAC and the bargaining team vowed to continue to fight for a fair contract.
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  1. The County is trying to VOID “Fairness Agreement” UNDER THE RADAR!
    All the BOS have been discussing in the meetings are the 8% cut on our retirement. They NEVER talk about their proposal to VOID Fairness Agreement Clause. County Management is trying to slip Fainess Agreement Void under the radar. We can all agree in some cuts do to the bad economy but we will not agree to be treated UNFAIR. County management want to exclude Fairness Agreement, so that they can give themselves and their chosen ones (like the entire HR departtment) raises in the future. This MOU is not about Retirement cuts….it is BIGGER than that…It’ the right that the county will have to treat anyone unfairly….by given themselves raises and perks…and others NOTHING!!!