Riverside County Members Vote YES to Ratify 5-year Agreement

Update: March 13, 2012 – The Board of Supervisors approved the new agreement by 4-0 (Supervisor Jeff Stone was absent) Tuesday, March 13, 2012.
Wendy Thomas, SEIU 721 Chief Negotiator and 911 Communications Supervisor issued the following statement: “With the ratification and approval of this agreement, SEIU 721 members solidified our commitment to be responsible partners with Riverside County by beginning to pay substantially more into our pensions to help the County regain financial stability. SEIU 721 Riverside County workers are pleased to have reached a long term contract which will allow us to move forward as this agreement ensures we can care for our families while continuing to provide vital public services to county residents for years to come.”
Press-Enterprise: Supervisors approve labor deals
North County Times: Riverside County supervisors OK union contracts

Riv_Co_Ratification_Vote_Count_March1_2012_17_jd-df.jpgBargaining Team members Janssen Diaz, Barbara Cayon and Diane Felix sort and validate ballots Thursday morning.
On Thursday, March 1, 2012, SEIU 721 members voted by 92% to approve the new Memorandum of Understanding with Riverside County. Members approved an agreement that represents the top goals established by workers last year; obtaining COLAs, resuming step/merit increases and improving health benefits. SEIU 721 continues to advocate for fair compensation for members. County Employee Relations has committed to discuss salary disparities for SEIU 721 members in career ladder or promotional classifications which may be created by the LIUNA 777 contract. 
The five-year contract is expected to go before the Board of Supervisors for final approval Tuesday, March 13, 2012.
Next Steps
There is still work to be done to continue to improve working conditions, benefits and compensation for members. New committees for labor management, parity issues and retiree medical benefits will be formed soon. If you are interested please contact the Member Connection at (877) 721-4YOU. 

0 responses to “Riverside County Members Vote YES to Ratify 5-year Agreement

  1. Riverside County has only begun “Pension Reform” by signing agreements with the Unions. To complete that process, the esteemed Board of Supervisors must be reformed as well. I propose that the elected position of Riverside County Supervisor be reformed into a part-time position at an annual salary of $48,000, including benefits, and without CalPERS retirement benefits. The cars, gasoline, cell phones, etc. will all be part of the $48,000.
    For once, I agree with Mr. Buster – we must have pension reform and we must control the county costs. What better way than to slash BoS salaries, expenses, office expenses, and retirement expenses. I think that it’s fair that the BoS should get whatever COLA’s that are negotiated with the LARGEST unions, not the smallest (DDA’s) or Management. That will give them some incentive to do their work and move on…. What do you think? Please respond. Thank you.

  2. GREAT IDEA! This is currently being done in San Bernardino County thru an initiative measure. A part-time Board of Supes is outstanding! Come on, this isn’t LA County.
    Can SEIU start the initiative process here in Riverside County? I’ll bet LIUNA will join in and gather signatures. We can get it on the November ballot. I’m really pleased that someone is thinking about the consequences of the Board’s actions. I don’t just have to take it. I can do something about it. Is there a groundswell for this? It does not involve striking, just gathering signatures.
    Let’s go for it!!!

  3. Dear Pension Reformer and Paula Shore – Where do I sign? Yes, you are both on to something. Please contact the SEIU office at
    (951)248-4620 and ask them what is needed to start an initiative. I would be willing to help collect signatures. We need leaders like the two of you to model the way for others. Please follow through with your ideas!

    One thing we can do now is to help elect Mike Soubirous. His platform involves a lot of what you both are identifying as solutions to the problems Riverside County is experiencing. Check out his website at or call him at 951-515-1663 and ask him how he can help you accomplish your ideas or find out how you can help him get elected so he can help YOU once he is an elected official!. I can tell you from personal experience Mike Soubirous is open to new ideas and suggestions and would be more than happy to hear from any county employee.

  4. LIUNA will not join in for two reasons: one, they already got what they wanted, a great contract and two, they know when to distance themselves from anything SEIU is involved in and will only join with us if it benefits them and this won’t.
    The only thing that we would gain by spearheading a movement like this is an even larger target on our backs.

  5. The San Bernardino Initiative was qualified by the Registrar of Voters. Look at the online article on the Daily Bulletin site.
    The SB Supes are crying about how services will be harder to get for the citizens. Sound familiar? It’s funny when it’s them…..
    Wow, I really feel sorry for them – NOT!!!