Stop Riverside County’s Wasteful Spending in Its Tracks

We have to hand it to them: Riverside County management certainly has a knack for wasting taxpayer dollars.

Whether it’s spending over $40 million on contracts with European consulting giant KPMG, or losing over $70 million in taxpayer dollars on their toxic swap deal with Wells Fargo, if it’s expensive and unnecessary, Riverside County will waste taxpayer money on it.

Now, Riverside County management has hired even more bigwig consulting firms to conduct voluntary surveys of Riverside County workers.

Instead of working with us to collaboratively address the needs of frontline workers and the residents we serve, the County has opted to conduct employee surveys through expensive third party consultants.

Together we can send a clear message about Riverside County’s wasteful spending: refuse to take any voluntary survey presented to you by management.

For months we have been sounding the alarm on patient and employee safety, caseloads, and understaffing. But rather than come to the bargaining table to hammer out solutions, the County has refused mediation with a neutral third-party, and authorized spending $7 million on replacement workers at RUHS.

As the County continues hiring more and more consulting firms, you may be asked to complete a voluntary survey regarding conditions at your worksite. Politely refuse.

Show Riverside County management it’s time to come to the bargaining table to find solutions, not to hire even more consultants to do expensive and unnecessary work.

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Alexis Marantos

Why not talk to the employees…we have alot to say. Why hire 3rd parties when we know what we need.. terrible