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We Have A Tentative Agreement With Riverside County!

After more than three years of worker actions, almost 40 ULPs, a 2-day strike, and numerous negotiation sessions your bargaining committee is pleased to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with Riverside County!

The SEIU Local 721 bargaining committee persevered through long hours of mediation sometimes up until 2 am attempting to reach the best agreement possible with Riverside County. Through their commitment to members, the SEIU 721 bargaining committee reached an agreement that they believe is in the best interest of the members.

SEIU members will have an opportunity to vote on the tentative agreement. Details of the tentative agreement will be forthcoming. In addition, we will be scheduling worksite meetings throughout Riverside County to educate members on the details of the tentative agreement. We will provide the dates, times, and locations of those meetings shortly.

It has not been easy, but through your commitment to Riverside County workers and residents we are happy to say that we’ve finally reached a resolution.

In Unity,

SEIU 721 Riverside County Bargaining Team

Tentative Agreement

TA summaries will be available below once the details are finalized.

Vote On Your Contract

Follow the link below to vote on whether or not to approve the tentative agreement.

Judge Sides With Riverside Workers, Delays Imposition Vote

Tuesday morning, a superior court judge granted a temporary restraining order barring the County from imposing their last, best and final offer.


Riverside Leaders, Kevin de León Hold KPMG Community Forum

A diverse collection of political and community leaders gathered in Riverside on Friday to deliver a “State of Riverside” address and demand a public accounting of Riverside County’s contract with foreign consulting giant KPMG.

Standing Up for Workers at the Board of Supervisors

On May 8, 2018, SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover, California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski, and SEIU 721 representatives urged the Riverside County Board to think twice before moving to impose the county’s last, best and final offer.

Press-Enterprise: How this election could be bad news for KPMG’s Riverside County contract

The biggest loser of this Riverside County election cycle could be an accounting and consulting company, KPMG.

Candidates running for two seats on the county Board of Supervisors aren’t happy with the $40 million-plus the firm has gotten to find efficiencies and savings for a county government struggling to make ends meet…

PERB Fact Finder Agrees: We’re Worth More!

After a months-long fact-finding process, an impartial fact finder appointed by the Public Employment Relations Board has found what we’ve known all along – the hardworking Riverside County public servants of SEIU 721 deserve more than the “regressive” last, best and final offer presented by the County.

The County’s arguments against treating employees fairly don’t hold water. In fact, the report found that “…all of this time, energy and money could be better spent if everyone could reach an agreement and simply get back to the business of taking care of the public.

The report went on to recommend:

  • A new MOU through July 2019
  • 4% across the board raises
  • 1% additional raises for RNs
  • Elimination of almost all takeaways
  • A “Me Too” clause


Live Bargaining Town Hall Audio

Below you’ll find the complete recording of our first-ever live contract bargaining town hall, with updates from president Bob Schoonover, chief of staff Gilda Valdez and interim director Eloy Alvarez.

Riverside County’s “Last, Best & Final” Offer

Riverside County’s insulting “last, best and final” offer is unacceptable. Some lowlights include no raises or cost of living adjustments, increased healthcare costs and charging us to park at our own worksites!

RivCo No RaisesRivCo Parking Fees

For a more detailed breakdown of the LBFO, click here: Riverside County Last, Best & Final Offer (Members Only)


Bargaining Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The County’s refusal to bargain in good faith and misinformation campaign in the media have left both county workers and the community wondering what’s going on and where we’re heading. This bargaining FAQ answers frequently asked questions about the contract situation in Riverside County.

Click to see the FAQ 

A Chronology of Our Fight to Raise Up Riverside County

Our tenacity and energy must be mightier than the County’s audacity to mislead and violate labor laws. It’s important that you keep the momentum of the last 8 weeks until we win a fair contract  that lifts up workers and our communities.

Click to see a chronology of the events leading up to the strike and post-strike.