December-January 2023

Ring In A New Year

2022 was a defining year for our union. The communities we serve emerged from COVID — in no small part because of the heroic efforts of nurses, health care workers and other public employees across California.

November – December 2022

Don't Get Grinched

For the past several years, a group calling itself the “Freedom Foundation” has contacted SEIU 721 members during the holidays — encouraging us to “give ourselves a Christmas bonus” by dropping our union membership. But the funding behind all these holiday-themed emails, mailers and uninvited home visits comes from a sinister group funded by right-wing billionaire Grinches who want to steal a lot more than just Christmas.

President’s Annual Report 2020-2021

SEIU 721 RISING 2021-22

What a difference a union makes.
With SEIU 721 LA County members set to receive a 5.5% raise in their October 30 paychecks — the biggest raise in county history — and additional raises coming over the next two years, it’s worth remembering the union difference.

September – October 2022

Purpled Up and Proud

In this President’s Report, SEIU 721 members Purple Up to demonstrate our unity, power and pride!

August – September 2022

Celebrate Labor!

This Labor Day means so much to me. As you may know, I just passed my one-year anniversary as your SEIU Local 721 President.

July – August 2022

Stretched to the breaking point by short-staffing

There’s a short-staffing crisis in California local government. Whether it’s visiting frontline SEIU 721 members across Southern California or talking with our sister SEIU locals around the state, everywhere I go, I hear the same thing: Workers are stretched too thin.

June – July 2022

How we secure Our Voice on the Job

As LA County workers vote to ratify a landmark contract with the largest raises in LA County history, new protections against the privatization of county workers’ jobs and much more, our union’s work is just beginning.

May – June 2022

Landmark Victory in LA County

Member unity delivers the biggest one-year salary increase in LA County history

March – April 2022

LA County Workers Ready to Fight

Who’s got the power? We’ve got the power: Union power. If you were among the thousands of SEIU 721 members and Labor supporters who joined our Fight for the Frontline action on March 31, you know exactly what I’m talking about.