August 2017

Enough is Enough!

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After a year of stonewalling, worker harassment and unfair labor practices by county management, Riverside County SEIU 721 members have had enough. On August 29th, 721 members marched on the Riverside Board of Supervisors and issued a formal notice for a countywide strike.

July 2017

721 Members Rise and Resist

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SEIU 721 Members Pledge To Protect Our Union Voice!

June 2017

Defending Workers in the Age of Trump

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We’ve all seen the story time and time again of the kid picked on by the neighborhood bully who, after taking a self-defense class, fights back and wins. With the biggest neighborhood bully of all sitting in the White House, SEIU Local 721 is putting together self-defense classes of our own for workers.

April 2017

100 Days of Corporate Giveaways

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President Trump’s first 100 days in office have shocked America. During his campaign, Russian intelligence operatives reportedly manipulated Donald Trump’s lack of knowledge and experience to further their nation’s policy objectives.

February 2017


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Through his shocking anti-immigrant executive orders, dog whistle racism, clandestine cooperation with Russian intelligence and appointment of a slew of unqualified and out-of-touch billionaires to cabinet positions, Donald Trump has accomplished what no other presidential candidate could muster: He created a powerful, diverse new coalition across the political spectrum devoted to resisting him.

November 2016


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The election on November 8th should have been a triumph for working people and our country. Instead, it was a tragedy. While our Union was winning big here in California, the most divisive political campaign in modern American history propelled a real estate developer turned-reality-television star, with no government experience, into the White House.

October 2016 – Annual Report

For the Health of LA

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L.A. Healthcare Partnership Townhall Showcases Results On August 31st, SEIU 721 partnered with L.A. County to host the second countywide Los Angeles Health Agency Town Hall with the newly created Los Angeles Health Partnership. The L.A. Health Partnership brings together L.A. County’s newly integrated health agencies, doctors, interns, residents and … Read More

September 2016

Together We Win

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Sisters and brothers: As you read these words, we’re less than 70 days away from the most important election many of us will see in our lifetimes. At stake this November are the very things we’ve fought so hard to protect: vital services for our communities, good, middle class jobs, and a real voice in the decisions that affect our work, our families, and those we serve.

July 2016

SEIU 721 Member Voices Help Bring Home Millions

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SEIU 721 members know the value of a strong and engaged membership from countless contract campaigns, bargaining sessions, and worksite actions. What’s less clear to some is how getting involved in politics helps workers. But time after time, SEIU 721 members demonstrate how activism in city, county and state government can have a direct positive impact on their communities, their families, and their workplace.

June 2016

San Bernardino Pros Win!

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After a year-long battle with dug-in county management, San Bernardino County professionals last month won a great new three-year deal with raises, restorations and other key improvements that will begin the process of restoring vital county services hobbled by attrition and short-staffing.