Bargaining Update: Nurses Voices Heard, Mutual Agreement Letter Signed to Discuss Nurse Issues

Riverside County nurses won a mutual agreement with county management, on Monday, August 15, to begin discussions of critical nursing issues at their own bargaining table.
The SEIU 721 bargaining team presented Riverside County management with a stack of petitions signed by over 400 registered nurses demanding special bargaining sessions dedicated to resolving important issues specific to nurses.
It’s about time the county acknowledged there is a real crisis with keeping qualified nurses. We are committed to finding a resolution.

– Marlo Clemons, RCRMC Emergency Room Nurse and bargaining team member
After the SEIU 721 bargaining team once again reiterated the importance of immediately starting to address these issues at a separate table, the county finally signed a letter of mutual agreement to begin talks as soon as possible.
Highlights of nurse issues to be discussed:

• Recruitment and Retention of Qualified Nurses
• Training Opportunities
• Competitive Salaries
• Work Hours and Conditions (i.e. Self-Scheduling & Patient Care Ratios)
• Premium Pay Incentives
• Decreasing Use of Registry and Travelers

Several of the nurses in attendance thanked the SEIU 721 bargaining team for their commitment to resolve nursing issues and look forward to the bargaining dates for the nurses to be announced. 
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0 responses to “Bargaining Update: Nurses Voices Heard, Mutual Agreement Letter Signed to Discuss Nurse Issues

  1. who cares about some so. -called “victory” about the nurses which this not-if you do not win the retirement issue, this is the end of SEIU representing us-I have heard this from varous sources.If we give in on this-decertification signatures will immediateley be sought!

  2. Congratulation for this victory for our nurses. They work hard and are very dedicated to serving the public of Riverside County. It is good that this section of SEIU gained this recognition. In the area were I work, the Clinical Lab for RCRMC, there is a general sentiment that because our issues are not addressed and brought to negotiations, SEIU goes out of their way for nursing. This gives the impression that SEIU 721 is concerned only with nursing.

  3. This is way over due. RN bargaining should always be independent of being thrown into a whole group bargaining deal.
    The RCRMC county nurses are over worked and under paid. All county RNs should get the same benefits,too. Health clinics, the hospital and DHS. Certain department heads choose to ignore the contract and pick and choose what they want to honor. The full time 72 hour deal from last time is one that DHS chose to ignore.
    Be extremely careful of contract language or management will manipulate it to their advantage. DHS wants the 72 hours offered to the other nurses and they all voted for it last time.

  4. We need to get a reality check.Accept the two teir system and stop wasting time and money fighting it. It includes all of us. RSO also, and that is a first that they are affected.RSO retirement pensions cost the county the most, by far.
    It is going to happen anyways.Be more careful with the contract language where all this excess management has the time and resources to change the contract to their advantage. The rules need to be written down without loopholes.