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SEIU 721 to L.A. County: “7% Is Not Enough – We Will Fight for More!”
June 22, 2018
Yesterday, contract bargaining negotiations between SEIU 721 and L.A. County officially got underway. Your elected bargaining team delivered a strong rebuke to L.A. County negotiators: “Seven percent (over three years) is not enough!” The rising cost of living is putting the American Dream out of reach for our too many … Read More
SEIU Local 721 Condemns Inhumane Family Separations at the United States Border
June 20, 2018
SEIU Local 721 Condemns Inhumane Family Separations at the United States Border; Vows to Elect Congressional Candidates Who Will Stand Up to the Trump Administration to Defend the Promise of the American Dream As Immigration Officials Tear Away Young Children from Families Seeking Refuge, California’s Working Families Promise to Elect … Read More
Anti-Worker Attack Prepares to Hit California
June 19, 2018
CA Union Strong
The Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision, which is expected to establish nation-wide Right to Work (for less) in the public sector, will likely arrive sometime before the end of June, and anti-worker forces like the Freedom Foundation are already preparing to do everything they can to strip public sector workers of … Read More
Coaching and Mentorship Cuts DCFS Social Worker Attrition Rates to 6 Percent for New Hires
June 12, 2018
A couple years ago, our united voice led to an unprecedented strike for child safety, resulting in L.A. County hiring 2,765 additional social workers to alleviate our caseload and help us prioritize children’s needs. However, hiring those social workers wasn’t enough. Keeping those new social workers proved to be another … Read More
Final Leg of Travel Time Now Covered for DCFS Special Assignments
Your union strives to keep money in your pocket – and we did! As we all know, L.A. County is huge – 4,751 square miles in size to be exact, which is a larger land mass than the entire state of Delaware or Rhode Island. It’s also home to the … Read More
Union Power Is Instrumental in Clearing DCFS Backlog of 2,500 RFAs
SEIU 721 is proud to report incredible progress on a major issue affecting L.A. County social workers: Resource Family Approvals. It’s no secret that the RFA backlog was up to 2,500 cases. Indeed, the backlog was a huge sticking point during our last round of contract bargaining. Every single one … Read More
SEIU 721 Members Deliver at the Polls!
June 6, 2018
SEIU 721 Canvassing
California’s June primary was a victory for working families, as SEIU 721 member power boosted strong, pro-worker candidates at the polls. In a time when the rich and greedy are doing everything they can to rig the system in their favor by pushing anti-worker policies like “Right to Work” (for … Read More
🍿Go “Over Board” and Win A Popcorn Social! 🍿
Union Pride Board
Believe it or not, we had to fight for the right to have Union Boards at our worksites and, as a public face for our union, we need to take pride in them and keep them updated! So, as much as we may love our bargaining flyers from 2014, we’re offering a … Read More
Retaliation Doesn’t Fly: Riverside County’s Scarlet Letter
May 31, 2018
Riverside Strong
It’s no secret that Riverside County management has no respect for county workers. The offensive “last, best and final” offer they’re trying to impose on us and the 34 unfair labor practice charges they’ve racked up shows their position loud and clear. Last December, they went beyond their usual tactics … Read More
Judge Sides With Riverside Workers, Delays Imposition Vote
May 29, 2018
Riverside County Strong
SEIU 721 Fights On! Throughout the Riverside County contract “bargaining” process, the County has tried its best to impose an unacceptable (seriously, they’re trying to charge us for parking) “last, best and final” contract on us – piling up 34 unfair labor practice charges in the process. The County managed to impose on the Sheriffs … Read More
Unity Breaks Dominate L.A. County
May 25, 2018
With contract bargaining around the corner, hundreds of SEIU 721 members from the L.A. County workforce showed incredible union pride and solidarity by holding powerful Unity Breaks at worksites in all five supervisorial districts. Check out the slideshow below to see pictures! There’s a lot at stake during this next … Read More
Community Prayer Circle Supports Watts Workers
May 17, 2018
Local clergy and other members of the community are showing their support for Watts workers! Watts Healthcare Corporation workers hosted a “WE Care for Watts” prayer circle on Thursday, which had been the last scheduled bargaining day in a series of contract negotiations that WHC management has been dragging on … Read More
The City of Ventura Bargaining Team is Set!
May 15, 2018
You sent in your SEIU Local 721 City of Ventura bargaining team nominations and the new team is ready to fight at the bargaining table to lift up Ventura! Over the next weeks, your unity and involvement will be crucial to ensure we win a strong contract that uplifts the … Read More
Safety Check a BIG Success! LA County Responds to Grievances
May 10, 2018
On the heels of filing an unprecedented multi-union grievance against LA County over ICHS working conditions, we held a highly successful Safety Check outside of Twin Towers! Hundreds of ICHS frontline workers came out on April 26th to participate in the massive grievance investigation to pinpoint the health and safety … Read More
Union Victory at LA County ICHS— Weekend Bonus Back Pay!
May 8, 2018
SUBMIT YOUR TIME CARD CORRECTIONS NOW In case you missed it, your union filed a grievance against ICHS management on November 25, 2017 demanding that they rectify the issues around the inconsistent bonus pay, and WE WON! You can now cash out on back pay dating back to November 2, … Read More
Fix L.A. Coalition demands end to ‘broken streets, broken promises’ during L.A. City Council testimony
May 3, 2018
With the local economy in full recovery mode, the Fix L.A. Coalition demanded during official testimony before the L.A. City Council that City Hall restore 5,000 municipal jobs lost during the Great Recession. “Our infrastructure is of great neglect,” said Bob Schoonover, President of SEIU Local 721, which boasts approximately … Read More
Top 5 Items the County of Riverside Wants To Impose On You
From their actions, it seems that County of Riverside negotiators never had any legit intention to bargain in good-faith with frontline workers. It wasn’t even a year into “negotiations” when the County submitted their “last best” and final offer which was quickly followed up with a premature declaration of impasse. Here are the … Read More
Congratulations Santa Barbara County – We Did It!
May 2, 2018
With an overwhelming YES vote, Santa Barbara County members won a strong three year contract that protects retirement security and provides additional wage increases. 8% salary increases over the term of the contract* The SEIU 721 Santa Barbara County Bargaining Team fought diligently to go from seeing management proposals with … Read More
SEIU 721 Members Vow to Hold the Line at “Not On Our Watch!” Union Leader Summit
April 30, 2018
Solidarity remained strong throughout the “Not On Our Watch!” Union Leader Summit on Saturday as SEIU 721 members from across Southern California gathered at the Our Lady of the Angeles Cathedral in Downtown LA to arm themselves with the organizing skills needed to win in the new Right-to-Work era. “Unions … Read More
Countywide Fitness Challenge – Nourish Your Heart!
April 26, 2018
A fun FREE event for LA County employees and their families. Healthy cooking demos with celebrity chefs Bryce Fluellen and Karolyn Plummer, “Barre” workout sessions, basketball free throw contests, arts & crafts for the kids, power walks, healthy snacks, giveaways and raffles. Yet another reason to remain #unionstrong! When we … Read More
Fix L.A. gives People’s State of the City: “Broken streets and broken promises”
April 16, 2018
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s “State of the City” address was challenged today by community groups within the Fix L.A. Coalition, whose members demanded an immediate fix to broken streets and broken promises during their own People’s State of the City. “The real state of the union — here, look at the … Read More
Everything You Need To Know About “Right To Work” in Four Videos
January 29, 2018
Right To Work
If you haven’t heard about so-called “Right To Work” laws yet, get ready, because a bunch of greedy special interests are about to try to convince you that Right To Work is just what you need in your life. These people are lying to you.   Right To Work laws … Read More