Our iconic City of Angels is a jewel on the Pacific Rim and it’s the members of SEIU 721 who keep it that way. From our network of street services and our patchwork of water treatment services to our emergency operations personnel and the workforce at LAX – no matter where we work in the city, we are vital employees. LA works because we do. As we bravely continue our work during the Coronavirus pandemic, we can turn to our union for a one-stop resource on COVID-19 for City of Los Angeles members here.

Medical or Religious Vaccine Exemption Deadline Extended for LA City Workers - If you intend to seek a medical or religious exemption, you now have another few days to do it. We presented the City’s Executive Employee Relations Committee (EERC) with a proposal to extend the application window, and we won an extension. Thanks to our work, the deadline to apply for a religious or … Read More
Attn LA City Members: DEADLINE for Application for LA City Vaccination Exemption for Medical or Religious Reasons - We’re still involved in ongoing negotiations with the City regarding the Mandatory Vaccination Policy. We continue to advocate that all employees who have not yet been vaccinated do frequent testing to provide for safe worksites and to protect the health of employees’ families, friends, and the public we serve. In addition, … Read More
Our Position on the LA City Vaccination Mandate - On August the 18th the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 to adopt a City ordinance that establishes a Mandatory Vaccination Policy for all City of Los Angeles employees. The ordinance requires City employees to be fully vaccinated by October 5th.  It also allows for employees who demonstrate their need … Read More
LA City Members: Mobile Vaccine Clinics Are Coming Next Week - Positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are increasing throughout Los Angeles, with unvaccinated residents accounting for an overwhelming majority of the new cases. Your protection and safety matters. That’s why we’re partnering with the City of Los Angeles to bring COVID vaccination opportunities to various worksites, and facilities. Make no mistake, … Read More
We did it LA City! Furloughs are OFF the table. - Special Message from SEIU Local 721 President Bob Schoonover As President of SEIU Local 721, I’m happy to deliver some good news to you today. We did it! Furloughs are now officially OFF the table with the City of Los Angeles!  Since the beginning of this crisis, our union has worked … Read More
Our Statement on the Mayor’s Instructions for Fiscal Restraint - Below is the official statement from SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover in response to LA Mayor’s Memo RE: Fiscal Year 2020-21 Instructions for Fiscal Restraint: “While we understand that the City must begin to prepare for the worst-case scenario, it’s important to remember that no concrete actions or plans directly … Read More
LA City Members: SIP Program Enrollment Extended - Update September 9, 2020, 5:00PM   Last week the Los Angeles City Council voted to remove the minimum threshold of 1300 participants and approve the Separation Incentive Program (SIP) with 1277 participants. They also established an additional SIP enrollment period for those that qualify to apply. In accordance with our agreement, … Read More
Stop The LA City Furloughs! Survey -   Make no mistake about it, we are facing a challenge like never before. The Mayor is proposing 26 days of furloughs. This amounts to approximately a 10% pay cut — this is unacceptable, and we are fighting this proposal every step of the way. On May 26th we sent a cease and desist … Read More
You’re Invited: #ProtectAllWorkers Virtual Town Hall - In every corner of California, and across the country, vital frontline workers have been keeping our communities safe and healthy and our economy moving during the coronavirus crisis. But while we sacrifice, day in and day out, Congress and the White House have been busy doling out billions to massive … Read More
Furloughs? Layoffs? Benefit Cuts? Unless Congress Acts Now, California’s Cities and Counties Are In Real Trouble - Frontline public workers have been our first line of defense against the novel coronavirus. From Riverside County to Los Angeles to Ventura County, SEIU 721 public service workers have answered the call and gone above and beyond to keep local communities safe and functioning during this crisis.  However, despite their … Read More